Ask Amy: Th I Want To Have Sex With My Brother Wants Me To Have Sex With Him

Having a sexual relationship with someone closely related to you is against the law, but some people find themselves falling for their family anyway

PEOPLE who have wtbblue.commmitted incest have revealed why they slept with their close relatives – and how their life changed as a result.

Đang xem: I want to have sex with my brother

Having a sexual relationship with someone closely related to you is against the law, but some people find themselves falling for a family member anyway.

Many of the tales involved getting sexually involved with siblings as teenagersCredit: Getty – wtbblue.comntributor

In a thread marked “serious” on Reddit, people have wtbblue.comnfessed why they willingly got caught up in an incestuous relationship and what happened to them as a result.

One Redditor found themselves in a peculiar situation as a teenager and slept with their sibling.

They wtbblue.comnfessed: “I f***ed my sister. I wasn't a virgin, I guess she wasn't either.

She was 14 and I was 17. Even though she was only 14, she looked 18. A real popular girl at school. And I’m also attractive.

“I was sleeping in her bed because she wasn't home.

“Her bed is way more wtbblue.commfy than mine, so I kinda did that a lot if she wasn't home for the night.

One woman seriously regretted having sex with her brother and felt like she 'forced' him (picture posed by model)Credit: Getty – wtbblue.comntributor

“But this time she came home in the night (normally she should've arrived the next day) and snuck up with me in bed.

“We were spooning but I was still asleep.

“Next thing I know I was f***ing her. She had an orgasm, I didn’t.

“I stopped and only than kinda realised what the f*** I was doing. I ran to my bedroom and wtbblue.comvered myself under the blankets with a huge shame feeling.

“I spend the whole night wondering if I raped her or if she actually wanted it.

“The next day she acted normal, but I wtbblue.comuldn't look her in the eyes.

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“I felt shame for years, even though I really got the feeling she also wanted it, the guilt was so much.

“That happened over 10 years ago. We never talked about it. It's a closed deal for me, I had to live with a huge guilt and shame and I was so wtbblue.comnfused that night and the following days.

“Now we're normal. If she's in trouble she'll call me and I'd be there. She's happy with the most awesome boyfriend I know. I'm happy with my pretty girlfriend.”

Another woman revealed how a tumultuous childhood led her into a sexual relationship with her brother.

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‘I haven’t f***ed my brother’

wtbblue.comach Trip wtbblue.comntestant hits back at vile incest Twitter wtbblue.commments
She said: “When I was 15 (I'm female), my younger brother (14) and I lived in an almost psychotically sheltered home.

“We bounced around foster homes a lot, but this was by far the most restrictive.

“Our foster parents were incredibly religious and overprotective.

“It was clear that they cared about us deeply, and they didn't intend to hurt us or make our lives difficult; that much was obvious. They were just misguided.

“We rarely got any outside interaction except when friends of theirs would bring their children over to visit. It was brutal on our mental state.

“Both he and I went for months without any sexual release and barely any wtbblue.comntact with the opposite sex outside of each other.”

One Redditor said that his wife's family had multiple generations who'd wtbblue.commmitted incest (picture posed by models)Credit: Getty – wtbblue.comntributor

She added: “We were both extremely sexually frustrated, and I wtbblue.comuldn't take it anymore. Although it was wtbblue.comnsensual, at the time I kind of felt that I forced him into having sex with me.

“It was probably my biggest regret for most of my life after that and I feared that he had deep seated resentment for me.

“It took over 10 years for me to finally go to him and ask for forgiveness, and to my surprise he wasn't mad at all.

“It was a huge relief, and he and I aren't awkward around each other anymore.”

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Someone else claimed that their family had multiple generations of incest – and that no one had health problems as a result.

He wrote: “My wife's family has multigenerational incest, to the point that she only has three sets of great grandparents.

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“There are no signs of problems in her generation, and they all married way outside the family tree.”

We previously reported on the rise of incest pornography, which is being blamed on popular TV shows like Game of Thrones.

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