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A Minecraft Redditor by the name of u/SubatomicMc has recently revealed their super secret axolotl room. Many players have created axolotl rooms. However, none have been as creative as the one seen in the post below.

As seen in the post above, the original poster (OP) has to go through tons of different prerequisites to even enter the room, which is why the room is considered “super secret.” While the room looks amazing, some players would consider the difficulty to enter quite impractical in a survival world.

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Redditor shows their super secret axolotl chamber in Minecraft

The post

A rare blue axolotl named Dinnerbone (Image via u/SubatomicMc on Reddit)

The post begins with the OP walking down a long hallway into a large underground base. The base contains underground crops as well as trees and doesn't seem to be out of the ordinary.

The OP then walks up to a clock on the wall and turns it 180 degrees. They then take a redstone torch and place it on a specific block on the wall, which breaks the block and reveals a hole in the wall which contains a hopper.

Once the OP throws a piece of paper into the hopper, the entrance to the axolotl room opens up, and the OP walks inside. The room is absolutely stunning, with a large shrine of a pink axolotl. The room also contains water above it, in which axolotls can be swimming around.

Additional axolotls can be seen swimming in the main room, one of which is a rare blue axolotl named Dinnerbone. This room looks great, and the idea that the axolotls can travel up and down multiple floors is quite creative.

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Due to the cuteness of the axolotl room, many Minecraft Redditors had a lot to say about this post. In fact, the post gained a solid 5.5 thousand upvotes in only one day.

True story (Image via Reddit)

One Minecraft Redditor jokes about the fact that this room is a secret even though the player is likely in a single-player world.

While the redstone that is involved in keeping the room a secret is quite impressive, it most likely does not have practical uses.

Axolotls gone wild (Image via Reddit)

This humorous comment thread is referencing the fact that one of the axolotls seen in the secret room seemed to be glitching in the wall, resulting in a funny animation.

Maybe this is why the room is a secret.

Minecraft priorities (Image via Reddit)

One Minecraft Redditor joked about the fact that the OP seems to either have his priorities completely incorrect or perfectly correct.

Some players may prioritize food, armor, and health, whereas a few may prioritize a secret axolotl room. Both players are absolutely correct.

(Image via Reddit)

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In this thread, the OP decides to make a tutorial on how to create this secret axolotl room. This is great for players who want their axolotls to be able to travel between multiple floors of water.

This tutorial can be found on the OP's YouTube channel.

Oops (Image via Reddit)

The OP reveals that this secret room actually does have a practical use since they are on a multiplayer server.

While the axolotl room may still be a secret, posting it on Reddit and being featured in this article certainly doesn't help it.

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The following reactions are notable mentions from the post:

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