are you guys sorry what are you doing I'm not gonna get any lag I feel great I'm on keto oh not the love of Y oh nice of you I love you ah minecraft has come too far guys I have bacon dragon hear me roar [Music] just before this natives like you everybody watch your energy what's up bacon what your weird back do not laugh bro I'll tell you what happened shark stand still stand still ok I'll demonstrate what happened exactly alright so here's what happened back up against the wall buddy so what happened is I was just doing some friendly construction and then this happened and that's always got him flathead now ladies and gentlemen basically the way it works is one person is going to go behind the stage and you have to make all the other people and the audience laugh we want you guys to blow towards the end of the video who was calm honest or they funny funny always breaking it Oh guys judges judges I don't know how I feel about this I was doing something illegal it's negative points negative point oh I want to pay you let me pet you oh side of them uh he was so cute sorry what are you died [Music] [Laughter] yeah give that give that a read it up vote everybody gets pretty good Nathan this is gonna hit home to us my friend you know we have this is awkward oh I like awkward things you know do you need me to come help to dress you do you haven't come dressy I want oh no in the wrong biome they're not gonna survive in this biome we're in the desert oh no my gosh your boys oh hey look look oh hi guys I guess I guess I'm going up let me roll up those sleeves real fast let me just take some of these oh hey I know I know what you're saying right there I have a couple I got a couple of my bags I got I can't really decide which one I want to do there's so many different ones let's see what our ask me meadows all right let's see well let me get some Lyga Maya hey hey moose you're getting a little close to me right now all right hey don't be mean guys don't be mean because Oh pickle rig biggle ring a pickle ring Rick chin check chin check Isaac Lu I know right like it's so good-looking minecraft has come too far guys way too far dude no I just I didn't expect that he's a pig he's the best moose loose going your skin going yours now going you know Nathan go back we gonna see you guys side to side derp – wait no no guys down below in the comments vote which gas is your favorite I said I gotta say I'm leaning towards moose the truly one that truly we have enjoy what is this hold on boys let me just get before you come out before you come out we gotta set something up for you plates that's that's not a pressure plate that's ladders those are ladders those are ladders don't question I'm not gonna hear you lag I feel great I'm on keto my minecraft characters Tito all mean mistake right now oh no I would take please take me into your warm embrace my best friend really likes to swim in the water but whatever you please don't make fun of him No why no why are you doing these seconds to completely destroy this mad it kind of looks like Niagara Falls here in Canada oh my god you guys all right I'm ready I'm coming out all right guys I'm lost I'm lost I need somebody I need an adult will you please [Music] [Music] do I love you I wanted to be a dog dad love me I love you dad oh yes Oh Oh dad you're so kind to me look at that snuggle oh yes oh gosh I'm worried I'm worried have stole my skin [Applause] [Music] if I wait the question is if I start eating carrots will my eyes have muscles like that I'd sharks got another skin guys he's coming in he's coming in hi okay let's not try to be let's not try to be heard now okay it's not don't be mean don't be mean my name is Phillip I am a young business owner in the town of short today I wanted to bring to you to the table a potential business offer today what is this off to find cape on still looks like he's getting a massive briefcase [Applause] he's an angry businessman from Tokyo dude that looks like a Pokemon that looks like like that like that's gasoline guys wait guys guys I just had a great idea I just had a great idea what if we did a pokemon theme do not laugh you're derpy Pokemon skin ok I might not have the best skins but I got the good ideas boys no let's go mr.

jobs how is your tail wagging like that dude Champa it's a cholo from Mario [Music] I don't you guys become so big did you just pick a bigger entity oh I have a bacon themed elder Guardian that don't make me mad guys we manages we might have just learned something way to voice you dastardly I have bacon dragon dragon I'm gonna wrap this video up guys thank you for watching try not to laugh with the boys if you guys want to come at down below who your favorite youtuber was and their favorite skins have a fun great day and please don't get nightmares from the videos and our skins because they were some of them were they were kind of messed up but I have a great day everybody take you later see you next two thumbs up like daddy bye [Music].

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