Problem With Invalid Operands To Binary Expression C++, Invalid Operands To Binary Expression

Im working on a function that takes some values and finds the min, max, and average of the values. I”m passing everything to the function by reference and am getting some errors when I try and do basic operations like + and / Namely the error is

Invalid operands to binary expression (“double *” and “double *”)

void MinMaxAvg(double *pA, double *min, double *max, double *avg, int lines, double *total ){ for (int i=0; i max) { max = &pA; } } total += &pA; //



It seems like you”re getting some of the types confused there. In your example you”re setting the pointers to a new value, not the value of said pointers.

Đang xem: Invalid operands to binary expression c++

The first would have to be:

*total += pA;While the second should be:

*avg = (*total / lines);In fact, you probably want to use floating point division on the second error there (some compilers are notorious for using integer divison in unexpected places):

*avg = (*total / (double)lines);You”ll still be getting errors if you do it like that, however. For example &pA > … will result in a pointer comparison, i.e. the address of the pointers will be compared. Most likely not what you want.

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You”re trying to add an address to a pointer, that”s not a valid operation.

You probably meant:

*total += pA;Your use of &pA seems very confused, as does the re-assignment of the pointers min and max.

If you have a pointer to a value (like double *min), then *min is how you access (read or write) the value being pointed at.

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There is no “pass by reference” in C language unlike C++. You should dereference each pointer in your code if you want work with variables values. Now you work with variables addresses.

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