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A Heart of the Sea is a rare item in Minecraft that can be obtained from a buried treasure chest and used for some helpful purposes.

During their travels through the worlds of Minecraft, players have the opportunity to encounter shipwrecks and ocean ruins. These naturally-generating structures contain a great deal of goodies and loot to collect, but none are quite as fun as a buried treasure map.

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Players who follow the directions of these precious maps will be led to a buried treasure chest. Inside of these chests, a Heart of the Sea can be found. This rare item can then be used to create a powerful conduit.

This article will be breaking down how Minecraft players can obtain a Heart of the Sea, as well as discuss the uses for one in-game.

How to obtain and use a Heart of the Sea in Minecraft

Before players can make their own conduit, they will need to acquire a Heart of the Sea first. The only way to get a Heart of the Sea, without the use of console commands, is from a buried treasure chest. To locate a buried treasure chest, players will need to find a buried treasure map first.

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Buried treasure maps can be from chests inside of shipwrecks and ocean ruins. Both of these generated structures are typically found underwater in the ocean depths, but on occasion can be found exposed to the surface.

Minecraft players simply need to follow the directions of the map, and start digging where the map indicates the buried chest is located. After all, X marks the spot.

A Heart of the Sea has a 100% chance to be inside of a buried treasure chest. This is great for players, because it creates an ensured path for obtaining the rare item.

How to craft a conduit

A conduit is a useful beacon-like block that will protect players from hostile mobs underwater and offer a powerful status effect. The conduit power effect will be granted to all players in contact with rain or water, who are within spherical range of the conduit. The effect increases underwater mining speed, restores oxygen, and grants underwater night vision to Minecraft players.

The crafting recipe for a conduit in Minecraft. (Image via Minecraft)

In order to craft a conduit, players need to combine a Heart of the Sea with eight nautilus shells at a crafting table. These shells can be found be acquired from fishing as a treasure item, have a low chance to drop from drowned, and have the opportunity to be purchasable from a wandering trade for five emeralds per shell.

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In order to activate a conduit, it must be placed a center of a 3x3x3 radius of water and surrounded by a proper frame. The water can be source blocks, flowing water, or waterlogged blocks.

In terms of the frame, only prismarine, dark prismarine, prismarine bricks, and sea lantern blocks can be used to successfully activate the conduit. For a visual aide, a YouTube video has been included in this article that showcases the various ways activation frames can be crafted.

A minimum of 16 blocks are necessary in order to produce the minimum projection range for the conduit power effect, which is 32 blocks. Every additional seven blocks that are added to the frame, it extends the radius of the conduit by 16 blocks. The maximum range of a conduit is 96 blocks, which would have a frame of 42 blocks.

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