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With over 130 million monthly players in 2021, Minecraft remains one of the most popular titles to exist in the modern era of gaming.

What's made Minecraft so popular is its simple and replayable nature, of which Minecraft servers naturally play a huge part. Although there are dozens of different types of Minecraft servers, Minecraft survival servers will always be among the most popular thanks to their simplistic and straightforward gameplay.

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Listed below are the 10 best survival servers to play on, determined from a vast range of important criteria. All servers mentioned support the latest version of Java (PC) Minecraft and are always online to join.

Best Minecraft Survival Servers to play in 2021

#10 Mox MC

Mox MC is a large Minecraft survival server community

Up first is Mox MC, an unbloated, simplistic Minecraft survival server that attracts thousands of players on a daily basis.

The server remains constantly updated to the latest version of Minecraft, so that players can always enjoy the latest and greatest Minecraft features. Also boasting over 40,000 discord members, it's a friendly community to make new friends.

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#9 Simple Survival

Simple Survival is perfect for players with an itch for no-nonsense Minecraft survival

As the name suggests, Simple Survival opts to provide players with a straightforward, no-nonsense Minecraft survival experience.

With so many overcomplicated and unnecessarily flashy Minecraft servers flooding the scene in recent times, Simple Survival remains a breath of fresh air for players searching for a more crude survival experience.

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#8 Applecraft

Applecraft is another popular Minecraft server for survival

Applecraft is a fairly popular dedicated survival server, clocking in several hundred players during peak hours of the day.

There are a few features which make Applecraft unique, including custom player shops/SetHomes for voting, and enhanced grief protection. Raiding and griefing other players is strictly not allowed, and Applecraft has a large dedicated staff team to ensure this.

IP Address:

#7 Earth MC

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Earth MC describes itself as “a geopolitical sandbox server for Minecraft.” The server features a huge custom-built earth map, which includes every single real life country.

Gameplay on Earth MC is basic survival mode but it's quite different to vanilla Minecraft survival. Players can build their own towns, elect a government and engage in politics, wars, and trade with other nations and towns.

IP Address:

#6 Orchidia SMP

Orchidia SMP is a relatively new server, already making a big impact

Orchidia is a new semi-vanilla Minecraft Survival SMP server. Although founded in late 2020, the server still clocks in a impressive 150 players at peak times of the day.

Gameplay wise, Orchadia offers unique survival enhancing features, such as in-game currency, player markets, and a land-claiming system to prevent griefing.

IP Address:

#5 Vanilla Europa

Up next is Vanilla Europa, a friendly Minecraft survival server with a particularly unique focus on community interaction.

Habouring features such as community marketplaces, community grinders, and team land-claiming, Vanilla Europa presents itself as a tight-knit survival server where all players unite towards common goals, instead of simply surviving by themselves.

IP Address:

#4 Lemon Cloud

Lemon Cloud was created in 2013 and has been carefully refined over the years

Founded in 2013, Lemon Cloud is an OG Minecraft server network that still has thousands of players coming back every day in 2021.

Although Lemon Cloud offers a large selection of other popular gamemode servers on the network for players to enjoy, including Prison, Factions, and Skyblock, Survival remains by far the most popular gamemode on the server.

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#3 Lush Survival

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Built from the ground up, Lush Survival prides itself on offering a Minecraft Survival experience packed with thoughtful and up-to-date design features built for the modern era of Minecraft.

One such feature is a vote-based system which lets players control time and weather across the server. Lush Survival also has a unique diamond-based economy where instead of in-game dollars, diamonds are used as currency and players can create shops that accept diamonds as a form of payment.

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#2 Purple Prison

Purple Prison offers a unique PvP/ raiding survival experience

Firmly dominating the Minecraft Prison server scene, Purple Prison also offers a great survival mode, which can be reached after beating the main prison gamemode.

After earning enough money to be freed from the prison, players will be released to survive in a large world with others. This ruthless world particularly focuses on hardcore PvP and raiding mechanics. Players can form towns, trade outposts, gangs, and more.

IP Address:

#1 SurviveWithUs

SurviveWithUs is a top quality dedicated Minecraft survival server

Established in 2018 and still receiving weekly updates in 2021, SurviveWithUs has proven itself to be one of the best places for quality Minecraft multiplayer survival.

With every plugin custom built by the development team, SurviveWithUs is designed to reward players who demonstrate skill in Minecraft Survival related activities. For example, players gain in-game money every time they kill a hostile mob, and are awarded “land-claim” points for surviving a certain amount of time without dying.

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