Jace Hall I Play Wow

jacehall on twitter!The original Superplaya himself, Jace Hall, fights off nosy mothers and cuddling girlfriends to play his original true love: World of Warcraft.To download the song go to: www.jacehallshow.com/iplaywowLyrics:Chorus-I Play WOWCant nobody mess with me nowIm on a quest with my guild getting wildIts my crowd,and Im proud, screw you, Im down, shut your mouthI Play WOWI Play WOWI Play WOWTurn it up say it loudI Play WOWI Play WOWI Play WOWTurn it up say it loudVerse 1 -Schools out works over take your face to Coffee BeanI gotta get to Azeroth, you Luddites aint stoppin meMy equips legit, look me up in the armoryWere at war stupid buster, theres no peace or harmonyNo one seems to get it, but thats alrightMy girl keeps whining, complaining and starting fightsShe wants to cuddle and watch movies in the candlelightBut wednesdays thru fridays are strictly raid nights.When Im down or depressed, I go connectMy real friends are online fightin to the deathMoms bangin on my door come eat your eggs and baconMOM YOURE MESSIN ME UP! YOURE LIKE LEROOOOYYY JENKINZI call it straight dedication, you can call it crazyYou talkin stuff man, why dont you come and play me?Im goin 22 hours, who you callin lazy?IM PWNIN NOOBS AT PVP AND MY LEVELS PAST 80!!!Verse 2 -You can say Im a fanatic or even addictedSay my habits are bad, my silly life is conflictedBut if it makes me happy, why should I quit this?The world brings me down WOW makes me upliftedEvery moment with guild is a moment I cherish,Call me a nerd, call me a geek, but Im no longer embarrassedSay Im socially screwed, never have kids or a marriageI dont live my life for money, fame or chasin your carrotsAn while people like to hate discriminate and be meanIn my world we work together to defeat the Lich KingDoesnt matter if your Black, white, ugly or fatEVERYONE BE KICKING BOODIE IN THE WORLD OF WARCRAFT!!Real life can be harsh and put me down,Tellin me I AINT NOTHING and Im on shaky groundBut I dont hear that anymore, my headphones up too loudIm on top of the world cause, I..PLAY WOW!!!Verse 3 -Im down with the HORDE, Im a BLOOD ELF PALADINALLIANCE messin with me, the HUMANS are challenginWhen you cant understand me this is what I do,Tell you GET OFF OF MY CHANNEL!! GO LEARN YOUR CLASS NOOB!Or better yet go play ROCK BAND with that sad guitarAnd no I dont want to date your stupid AVATARIm gettin busy clockin kills in every single way,My GUILDS LEGIT, come on man this aint FELICIA DAYAnd who thought thered come a time where the world would seeMillions of critics and cynics who feel just like meWere all livin in a better alternate realitySPENDING ALL DAY DREAMING PVP STRATEGIES!!!Director – Carey WilliamsDirector of Photography – Johnny Derango Producer – Jermaine Whitely Special Thanks – Floyd Mitchell

Genre Spiele

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