Java Cannot Be Resolved To A Variable, Eclipse Error

public class SalCal { private int hoursWorked; public SalCal(String name, int hours, double hoursRate) { nameEmployee = name; hoursWorked = hours; ratePrHour = hoursRate; } public void setHoursWorked() { hoursWorked = hours; //ERROR HERE, hours cannot be resolved to a type } public double calculateSalary() { if (hoursWorked 40) { salaryAfter40 = hoursWorked – 40; totalSalary = (ratePrHour * 40) + (ratePrHour * 1.5 * salaryAfter40); } return totalSalary; }}What causes this error message?

java variables scope
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If you look at the scope of the variable “hoursWorked” you will see that it is a member of the class (declared as private int)

The two variables you are having trouble with are passed as parameters to the constructor.

Đang xem: Java cannot be resolved to a variable

The error message is because “hours” is out of scope in the setter.

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Eric Leschinski
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Hugh JonesHugh Jones
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public void setHoursWorked(){ hoursWorked = hours;}You haven”t defined hours inside that method. hours is not passed in as a parameter, it”s not declared as a variable, and it”s not being used as a class member, so you get that error.

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Eric Leschinski
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Marc BMarc B
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I”ve noticed bizarre behavior with Eclipse version 4.2.1 delivering me this error:

String cannot be resolved to a variableWith this Java code:

if (true) String my_variable = “somevalue”; System.out.println(“foobar”);You would think this code is very straight forward, the conditional is true, we set my_variable to somevalue. And it should print foobar. Right?

Wrong, you get the above mentioned compile time error. Eclipse is trying to prevent you from making a mistake by assuming that both statements are within the if statement.

If you put braces around the conditional block like this:

if (true){ String my_variable = “somevalue”; } System.out.println(“foobar”);Then it compiles and runs fine. Apparently poorly bracketed conditionals are fair game for generating compile time errors now.

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answered Sep 15 “13 at 3:59
Eric LeschinskiEric Leschinski
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