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Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - Jesus I Love You Lyrics Info
Jesus I Love You by Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

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Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - Jesus I Love You Thank you for visiting wtbblue.com Jesus I Love You(created by Normale Hutchins)(tape-recorded by Norguy Hutchins and also additionally The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir)Verse 1:Not because I"ve been so faithful,not because I"ve been so good;You"ve constantly been there for meto carry out my every need.You were tbelow as soon as I was lonely,You were tbelow in all my pain,guiding my footsteps,shelter from the rain.And it was You who made my life complete,You are to me my everythingand that is why I sing.Chorus:Jesus, I love You because You treatment,I couldn"t imagine if You weren"t tright here.Jesus, I love You bereason You care,I couldn"t imagine if You weren"t there.Verse 2:You are the joy of my salvation,You"re the tranquility in my storm.Your loving arms protect me,You shelter me from harm.You are Alpha and Omega,the beginning and the end,my strong tower, my dearemainder and finest friend.And it was You who made my life finish,You are to me my everythingand that is why I sing.ChorusVamp:Jesus, I love You,I love You.Jesus, I love You,I love You.Jesus, I love You,I love You because You care.Ending:I love You,I love You,(bereason You are You).Thank you for visiting wtbblue.com!
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