Liberty Civil Defense 9Mm Vs Body Armor, Civil Defense 9Mm +P


The Civil Defense 9mm is the best self defense 9mm cartridge on the market. It has more kinetic energy than a lot of 45 ACP self defense rounds, except it's lighter and easier to shoot than any other 9mm defense round. It's the best of both worlds, the power of 45 ACP, with more convenience than any 9mm round on the market. It is also lead free and California compliant.

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Weight: 50gr

Velocity: 2040 FPS

Kinetic Energy: 462 FPE

Accuracy: 32 to 38% less felt recoil65 to 75% more velocity25 to 30% more kinetic energyReduced over-penetrationMore stopping power

Lead free, copper monolithic, nickel plated projectiles.

Nickel plated brass cases.

Our Civil Defense 9mm projectiles function differently than any other self-defense round on the market. We designed the Civil Defense line to eliminate threats with one round. We did this by creating the maximum amount of damage and tissue disruption possible. They do well against barriers, but when the large cavity fills with fluid, the hydraulic pressure builds until the side walls of the projectile explode. With that explosion comes rifle sized temporary cavities and hydrostatic shock, therefore increasing stopping power by tenfold. Following the explosion, the bullet fragments into a starburst shaped pattern creating multiple wound channels.

This process also benefits in many other areas across the spectrum of things considered when talking about self-defense. Such as reduced over penetration and lessening the risk of unintended casualties. Having a lighter projectile also leads to less muzzle flip for faster follow up shots.

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Where can I purchase Civil Defense 9mm rounds for myself?

Check out our Retail Locator page:

All you need to do is type in your zip code or go to your city, to see every shop in your area that sells our ammo.

Are you a gun shop interested in carrying our ammo?

We sell through wholesale and direct. If you prefer wholesale check out our for the list of distributors that routinely stock our products.

If you prefer to sell direct, send us an email to Sales We'll quickly follow up with you and send you our direct programs.

Want to see some test videos?

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I tested the 9mm ammunition in a Sprinfield XDM Compact. The results were impressive. The test objects were 1 gallon plastic jugs filled with jello and wrapped with shirts, layers of newspaper, and a double layer about 1/8″ leather thing. The projectiles punctured through the material with ease and all though the wrap material. The jugs even burst and were done after one shot each. It took several FMJs to make the jugs a similar state, just for a comparison. The event was recorded and uploaded with the links placed on our Facebook page Emergency Management Preparedness Response Recovery, LLC.

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I was turned on to these by a fellow armed guard and former Maricopa County Sheriff. Depending on gig I'm working I either carry my Glock 19 or Glock 23. In my G19 alone, the weight difference from these rounds compared to the 124gr Speer gold dot is like day and night. Having a lighter belt/gun but still packing the punch of heavier rounds keeps my mind at ease while keeping my gear light. The less felt recoil and lighter gun weight makes my follow up shots clean and accurate. In my company alone there are now four different armed guards carrying this ammo with huge success at the range. Thank you.

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