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In life, the frost-mage Ethreain (not yet a Lich) had used the threat of destructive ice to enslave entire kingdoms. His subjects, aided by a few desperate magicians, eventually grew bold enough to ambush him. Armed with enough charmed rope to bind him forever, they tied the frost mage to adamant weights and dropped him in a pool known chiefly for being bottomless. It wasn”t. He only fell for a year or so before an outcrop snagged him. There he rested, dead but undecaying, until the geomancer Anhil thought to verify the legend of the supposedly bottomless Black Pool. Anhil”s plumbline snarled with the ropes that bound the drowned magician, and up he hauled an unexpected prize. Thinking that by rendering the dead undead, he could question the Lich about the properties of the pool, he removed the bindings and commenced a simple rite of resurrection. Even the descendants of Ethreain”s enemies were long forgotten by time, so there were none to warn Anhil against imprudence. But he learned the error of his judgment almost immediately, as Lich threw off the shackles and consumed him.

Hey everyone!

This is the eigh guide I”ve ever created and I wanted to start with a short introduction about myself and the hero featured in this guide,

Lich , the safe lane destroyer!

I”ve been the Community Manager of wtbblue.com since March 4th 2014 and I”ve started playing Warcraft III”s DotA map back in 2007. In 2012 I”ve joined wtbblue.com and a month later I”ve received a Steam invitation to play DotA 2 BETA, at the time you needed an invitation to play so I had to wait for a while to get one. 😀

Right now I have over 3.800 hours played and I”m trying my best to climb up my MMR, currently sitting at about 5.000 MMR. I”ve used to play competitively years ago in some amateur 6.000 – 7.000 MMR teams and didn”t focus too much on ranked matchmaking at the time, so hopefully whenever I have the chance to play I”ll be able to improve more!

Alright, let”s go back to

Lich , one of my comfort picks that I find useful and safe to pick in any situation. As we”ve seen in the last weeks,

Lich has become stronger and stronger and his pick rate together with his win rate have increased, meaning players have realized how strong

Lich can really be if played at his full potential.

Lich is a wonderful support hero that doesn”t require items at all to be strong, but since his damage output is pretty high, he”s going to get some extra gold nevertheless and afford some items for himself, others than wards of course! He”s strong in the lane, he denies the farm and experience of the enemy heroes, he forces the enemies to spread out or else they”ll get destroyed, really fun and easy hero to play with.

In most cases,

Lich is first picked so his team”s cores can properly counter the cores of the enemy team, and since people tend to not care enough about

Lich to pick counters for him, he”s a good pick in most situations. Since he can deny the experience and gold of the enemies he”s against on the lane, he”s often picked against carries who heavily rely on farm (


Spectre , for instance). Let”s not forget that he can easily regenerate his mana and keep the harass going, so besides all the gold and experience the enemies are missing, they”re also missing their health! More gold spent on regeneration, more time in the base, all these are beneficial for

Lich “s team, for this enemies, not so much!

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Pros & Cons

Pros Great laner Strong team fighter Increases the durability of his team Safe (first) pick Doesn”t require farm

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Cons No disables, only slows Not great at ganking Ultimate can be easily countered Weak against magic immunity Easy to kill, needs good positioning When to pick Lich?

Taking all of the above into consideration, you should pick

Lich whenever your team needs a committed support that can also disrupt the enemy lane as much as possible during the early game.

Lich directly counters specific heroes such as


Io ,


Meepo ,


Arc Warden and so on, since they are most of the time together with other units,

Lich “s ultimate will be a real threat.


Lich needs to support his team at all times, think well about the early game especially. Whoever is going to be your lane partner will have a good life, since protecting them with


Frost Shield will reduce the damage they receive while harassing the enemies. Talking about harassing,

Lich is going to be a real pain for the enemy laners, because he can deal harass damage using


Frost Blast from a safe distance while able to use


Frost Shield both offensively and defensively when heeded.. Even though


Frost Blast doesn”t seem that great, it deals high amounts of single target damage while also slightly damaging the units around the primary target, keep using this to your advantage to efficiently harass your opponents. In most cases, once

Lich hits level 6 and can use his ultimate, the kill potential tremendously increases.

Think well about your strategy starting with the picking phase! The right pick and decision can decide the outcome of the match!

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