Loving You Is Like Loving The Dead, Type O Negative

Eleven years after his death, goth metal frontman Peter Steele continues to warm the hearts (and other parts) of spooky headbangersworldwide…

Happy Halloween… baby.’

Those breathy words in the middle of Type ONegative​’s ghoulish Halloween sing-along hit Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All), sung by Peter Steele – the band’s hulking frontman who looked like he just galloped off the cover of agothic romance novel – still send atingle down many aspine.

Đang xem: Loving you is like loving the dead

The song – from Type O’s 1993 breakout album Bloody Kisses – is the sarcastic tale of avain woman with apenchant for darkness who won’t go out on arainy, blustery All Hallow’s Eve until she perfects her look by dying her roots jet-black. ​‘She’s in love with herself, she likes the dark… On her milk white neck, the devil’s mark,’ Peter croons in anear-whisper, emphasising the ​‘k’ in away that makes you think of baredfangs.

Concluding with the mildly necrophilic jeer, ​‘Loving you was like loving the dead’ the song remains adeviously cheeky double entendre: it’s both an anthem for goth girls everywhere unashamed of their vanity, and acathartic track for anyone who has found themselves stuck in asoul-sucking relationship with anarcissist. The song creates afantasy of Peter Steele seeing through your appearance… but still wanting to spend Halloween night withyou.

It’s been 11years since Peter – who was not only Type O’s frontman, but also its bassist and main creative force – tragically passed away at the age of 48 due to an aortic aneurism in his heart. And while Type ONegative died with him, his legacy of sensual, gothic doom is still extremely important to metal, its culture, and fans pining after aphoto of his statuesque form and burning gaze late into thenight.

Here are the top five reasons why, even this many years after his death, Pete Steele is still the ultimate fantasy gothboyfriend.

Type ONegative established their dark brand of gothic eroticism early. Their 1991 debut album was called Slow, Deep, And Hard (also ajuvenile nod to their low-end heavy, gothic style of doom) and its general theme was afantasy Peter had about killing his girlfriend and then himself after he catches hercheating.

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In his later years, beginning with Type O’s 1993 breakout album Bloody Kisses, his anger subsided and gave way to amore romantic, sensual variation on the band’s original theme. Christian Woman is apoppy doom tale of awoman who decides to sleep with him despite her religion dictating that she’ll burn in hell for her lust. The song concludes with Peter declaring, ​‘Jesus Christ looks like me.’

1996’s October Rust album saw songs like My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend, atongue-in-cheek song about apolyamorous relationship, the unmistakable seduction track Love You To Death, and Be My Druidess, which pauses in the middle so Peter can repeatedly drive the point home that he’d ​‘do anything to make you come’. Damn.

Peter was once aguest on a ​“sexy groupie girls” episode of the Jerry Springer Show, which also featured an actual groupie of his onstage with him. During the interview, Jerry asks, ​“What do you think of these women who throw themselves at you?” Peter responds, ​“Well, it’s odd to me because this is my job. I’m lucky to have agood time. I’m here to pay my phone bill and pay rent. If they want to throw themselves at me, that’s theirbusiness.”

Years later, in an interview, he was asked how many women he’s slept with, to which he responded, ​“Oh, two or three. That question is sexist, too. Whocares?”

Peter’s baritone register and vaguely Transylvanian-esque annunciation was somehow both demonic and comforting, but perhaps no-one described his singing better than Beavis and Butthead, who famously compared him to ​“a cross between Danzig and Megadeth” on an episode of theshow.

Of course, when Peter spoke, one heard more Coney Island than Carpathian Mountains in his Brooklyn-bred voice, but that only added to the allure of his sultrysinging.

Peter grew up with five older sisters and said it felt like having six mothers. In his final interview, he said, ​“I’m actually avery emotional person… Iadmit Iam asexist – Ihate all men. Iwant to be the only man on this planet. Ihave learned that people take advantage of you if you display an emotional side. Ican be brutal, but alsosensitive.”

That being said, Peter’s bad-boy image was no façade. He battled depression, bipolar disorder, and apersistent cocaine habit. But both of his major documented dark periods were attributed to having abroken heart. He once did time in prison for assault: after finding out his girlfriend of 10years was cheating on him, he showed up at her lover’s apartment and, as he put it, ​“smacked the guy in the face”. Peter served 30days and vowed to never go back. He also attempted suicide in 1989 and, when asked about his mindset at the time, said, ​“All Ican say is Ifell in love with the wrongperson.”


As much as Pete Steele was more than just achiseled body, let us not forget that chiseled body. At nearly 6’8” with waist-length black hair and atorso reminiscent of Michelangelo sculptures, he caught the eye of goths, metalheads, and those in mainstream culture alike. In fact, he even appeared on the cover – and as the centrefold – of Playgirl in1995.

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