Low Level Gold Farming Wow, Wow Classic Best Gold Farming Locations Guide

No, you don’t need to be max level to make gold, though it’s easier. You don’t even have to be level 10. This page is for those who are brand new to WoW or who are starting new characters on a new server or who, for whatever reason, seem to have too little gold when starting out.

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Everyone has always said that you need to be high level to make any gold in the World of Warcraft. Pfft. Now, it’s true that high levels have daily quests, which pay nicely, and there’s lots of stuff that they can farm in area which no lowbie will every be able to access.

Certainly there are a number of high levels who have enough gold to be able to easily afford those 15k motorcycles and three-man mounts. Shadowlands crafting? Yeah… 50+.

But you can make more than enough gold to get by if you’re low level. You gear doesn’t cost much and you don’t have to pay any 5k for Artisan Riding (and another 1k for the mount.)

So what’s low level? 20 and under, for the purposes of this page. At 20 you get your first mount and it should be pocket change, not “wallet emptying.” How much can you earn if you get a litte more serious? Here’s a blow by blow description of starting from zero and hitting 6,500 gold in 30 days (original page died when this site moved.) A lot more is possible. From zero. See below. That’s the same character as above, though I have a couple of max level crafters.


Getting Started


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If you’re new to the game, or just to your current server, or even just haven’t leveled anyone very much there are a few basics which you will want to do to get started.

Every starting zone has plenty of herbs or skins to be found. The Night Elf area does not have ore, but once you leave and get to the mainland there is plenty. So pick two of the gathering professions (Herbalism, Skinning, or Mining.) Spend some extra time searching for these items and max out your skill. Get it leveled up and loot the area until the items you’re gathering go gray (no long provide increased skill.)

Note that both Herbalism and Mining also give XP.

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By this time you will have several stacks of goodies that you can send to your bank alt to get started on your gold empire. Once some of those stacks sell then you’ll be on your way.

The Auction House

Even if you don’t get into buying and selling you should download and install the Auctioneer (or Auctionator) addon. It modifies the auction view to show more items in the window and it sorts by buyout price, rather than bid. Auctioneer just makes it easier to browse the AH. If you seriously get into buying and selling then it (or something like it) is indispensable.

Auctionator is another addon that I find to be very useful. Among other things it allows you to make shopping lists, so you can easily look for certain items or groups of items (eg: various cloths.) This image has the Auctionator tabs in Orange and the TSM tab in blue.


The basic idea is that you’re going to look for items that are priced too low for their own good and then buy them and immediately repost them at a higher price.

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Pricing – What I look to do is browse certain group of items and look for prices that are way too low. For example, someone posts Large Fangs at 3 silver each. I buy them up and repost at three gold each.

Another posts a hot glyph at 1g a pop. Buy those out and repost at a much higher price (which might be anywhere from 50-350 gold.)

Say Copper ore is going for 7-10 gold per stack. Someone post theirs for 1g/stack or less. Guess who buys it all up and reposts at 7-10g/stack? Yep, me. Or the other guy. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot. It might as well be you getting that 7-10. However, if you want to price it really low, that’s fine. Saves me the bother of gathering it.

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