lush tree in new minecraft caves and cliffs update part of speech

The Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update brought a lot of new biomes to Minecraft, as well as announced lots for the future 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Part II update.

One of the biomes is known as “Lush Caves”, and while players are able to access it now, it will not generate naturally in a Minecraft world.

Reading: lush tree in new minecraft caves and cliffs update part of speech

Lush caves will be officially added to Minecraft later this year, when 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Part II releases. Lush caves are something lots of players are looking forward to, so listed down below is everything players need to know about the lush caves biome!

Lush Caves Biome in Minecraft

What do Lush Caves look like?

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Players can find lush caves in many ways, and one is based on how the overworld looks on top of the biome. Overground (in Java Edition), the biome resembles a colder, hillier plains biome.

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Azalea trees generate on any empty space above a lush cave, with roots consisting of rooted dirt and hanging roots that will generate in the ground, and go down until reaching the lush cave. This is also a tell-tale sign of a lush caves biome.

However, trees will not always generate on top of the biome. In Java Edition, the azalea trees can generate inside the caves if there is enough room and if a lush cave is below.

When players reach the cave itself, they will find that moss covers the floors and ceilings, along with moss carpets, grass and azalea bushes on the floors.

On the ceiling, cave vines with the new glow berries grow down and light up the caves, and spore blossoms grow from the ceiling and drip particles. It also contains clay pools where dripleaf plants will grow out of them.

Lush Caves Generation

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In Java Edition 1.17, lush caves are not part of the terrain generator. However, they can be generated in a Buffet world with Lush Caves selected, or in a Custom world.

In Bedrock Edition, lush caves generate randomly in caves if the Experimental Gameplay feature is turned on.

When 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Part II is released, lush caves will spawn naturally. Mobs such as axolotls will only be found in these biomes, and they will be joined by glow squid and bats, although they can be found in any cave and water system.

Once the official update is released later this year, new information about this biome will be sure to come out, so make sure to keep an eye out!

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