Lustige Arten von Fußballspielern | Julien Bam

Here! Here! Come on! The Trickster The Bench Warmer Substitute, go! For 200 matches… I have been waiting for this moment…*sigh noise* I'm ready – erm, WHAT? This hmhbshfbk … This is f*cked up. For 201 matches… The Unlucky Wretch The Player Who Uses His Head The Injured It's just a scratch. I can still play! Huh? What … why a banana now! Hot frying oil. Watch out please! The Always Fouls Can I please have a autograph? Hey! That's enough! The Scaredy Cat What are you scared of? Kick the goddamn ball! If you kick me, i'll kick you too! motherf*cker…

I have to do, what a soccer player has to do! – Ouch! The Loser aka. the one who's got no idea about soccer aka. Julien Bam The Unlucky Wretch with a second chance The Drama Queen Oh no, my leg! I will never play again. How should I feed my children? Antonio, tell your mother she makes the best spaghetti in the country Okay. Raul… Meh, you are adopted. The only thing that could save our family would be a penalty maybe? 11 meters maybe? The stuntman The Player that always scores in his own goal Take that! Get lost! Bleh bleh bleh Asshole! Aiiii! The Unlucky Wretch With One Last Chance The Ninja Hujoaah! Hey! The One Who's Watched Too Much Anime *weird jabbering* Translated, that means…

Eeehh After our Power Rangers video, I thought: Let's make a football video. In anime or confuse style like the Shaolinsoccer or the Kickers. And it could not have been more fitting then now! Because right in this moment is the World Cup! If you like football we hope you liked this video, if not we of course hope that you liked this video anyway. Thanks to Erik Taschbach and his Junior Football Team from Sparta Barrenbeer. For all this equipment.. that we sweat in… Thanks to the Derby-Arena, the football and Badminton sport gym in Aachen Thanks what we were able to test out our Noob skills there. What is left to say, I do not know what to say. There is nothing more to say. Maybe that Passi broke his finger while filming, and he resetted it himself What is pretty disgusting, I know.

And because of that stay… fresh That was my battle cry..

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