How To Defeat Major Payne Wow Pet Battle, Major Payne Pet Battle

Grand Master Pet Tamer Major Payne is definitely one of the most frustrating battles in the game until you find a team that will beat him. When I first tried to beat this tamer, it took me a while to figure out a good team.I gave up a few times and logged out because I couldn”t beat this dude. After some trial and error, however, I finally ended up finding a team that would reliably conquer Major Payne every single time.If you”d like to fight Major Payne, he”s a Northrend pet master located in the Argent Tournament Grounds in northeastern Ice Crown:

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Major Payne”s pets include:Beakmaster X-225, a Mechanical pet that looks like a “Mechanopeep”Bloom, an Elemental pet that resembles a “Crimson Lasher”Grizzle, a Beast that looks like a “Dun Morogh Cub”You”ll probably find Grizzle to be the most frustrating pet on this team. He heals for tons with his Hibernate ability and hits like a semi when he”s not sleeping. However, don”t worry. You can beat him! The team I use includes:Anodized Robo-CubFel FlameFishy


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I”m sure this isn”t the only team that can beat Major Payne, but it”s the lineup I use to reliably pound him into dust every time. The Anodized Robo Cub is found in Winterspring. Fel Flame comes from Shadowmoon Valley (the pre-WoD version). Fishy comes from an early quest in The Jade Forest. So, you”ll need to be at least level 85 to get this team since you”ll have to do some quests in The Jade Forest.You”ll begin with your Anodized Robo Cub against Grizzle. He”ll get in a couple attacks against you before you even get a whack in against this annoying bear. Essentially, you”ll just want to spam Demolish against Grizzle. Yes, you”ll miss a lot. Yes, Grizzle will heal A LOT. But you should be able to kill Grizzle with this heavy attack because it hits for so much and Grizzle actually spends a lot of time NOT attacking you because he”s asleep.Once you”ve taken care of Grizzle (hopefully your Anodized Robo Cub can kill Grizzle or nearly finish him off), you”ll want to use your Fel Flame against the Beakmaster X-225. You”ll open with Immolate, then case Conflagrate, and then use Burn to finish him off (you”ll finish him off twice since he”s a Mechanical that will come back to life!).Fel Flame is so powerful against the Beakmaster, that there”s a strong chance your Fel Flame will still have around half health when Major Payne”s final pet, Bloom, comes out to play. You”ll want to use the same attacks you used against the Beakmaster to put a dent in Bloom”s HP. If you”re lucky, Bloom should be pretty close to dead by the time your Fel Flame dies and you bring out your Fishy.Depending on how much HP Bloom has, you can either cast a double Pump (if his health is higher than around 400) or you can cast Water Jet once to finish him off (if his health is under 400 or so). It shouldn”t take but a few attacks for your Fishy to finish off Bloom.


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So, the general schedule of attacks should be:Demolish (however many times it takes to kill Grizzle) > Immolate > Conflagrate > Burn > Immolate > Burn > Burn > Water Jet x 2 (or Pump if you choose).Now, as always, you might need to throw out a few extra basic attacks depending upon RNG and whether you get some lucky crits or whether Major Payne gets some good attacks in against you.Despite the difficulty of this fight, Major Payne seems to get one over on you even if you beat him with some spectacular rewards from the daily quest:

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