I’m Notter. I’ve been playing considering that WoW’s open up beta, and I am playing (mostly) as Assassicountry Rogue this expansion. I aspire for a simple UI, that improves your performance, which is unobtrusive while out of combat. I’ve compiled, edited and also developed WAs to attempt and suit.

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These WAs compilation is suited for both brand-new and also competent rogue players, and includes features that might improve your performance via indications on when to usage abilities and also tracking numerous distinctive methods. They are separated into different groups, in order to permit you to pick and choose whichever you desire, but I extremely suggest to use them all, as they are intended to occupational together.

Feel cost-free to ask any questions, provide suggestions or researches, and I’ll carry out my ideal to answer. You have the right to reach me at either:

Discord – Notter#7189B.Net – Notter#2746



* please manually move to desired position, example in last image


Out of combat – hidden:



Tracking debuffs, with glow showing once to refresh garrote and ruptureIndication for Nightstalker empowered ruptureIndication for ExsanguinateIndications for Subterfuge empowered GarrotesPoiboy Reminder (in instance poisons ran out)Kingsbane TrackingTracks envenom and also Surge of ToxinsTracks Poikid Bomb ticks

Assassination Debuffs

Kingsbane Stacks/damage


Tracking empowered / not empowered garrote in between different targets:


Tracking empowered Rupture and also then Exsanguinate:



Tracking buffs and also debuffBlunderbuss / pistol swarm trackerRTB buffs trackerBlade Flurry tracker + targets in range tracker (need to have actually enemy name plates permitted, and also in view)

Outlaw abilities tracker

Roll the Bones – all buffs




Blade Flurry tracking targets in range:



Tracking debuffs and also abilitiesShadowDance trackerShadow Techniques trackerFinality Indicators and also TrackersFinality empowered Nightblade indication

Subtlety debuffs/buffs




These WAs usage EZOBOSS’s WAs as a basis, but reoperated and also updated for patch 7.2.5, and the new Features in WeakAuras 2.

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Targets Database for debuffs are based upon Riff’s code.

Shadow Techniques tracker by Lorentz

Order hall opener by Pottm

Kingsbane stacks tracker by Potatosaur

Fixed Poichild Bomb tracker for patch 7.3.5


Hide poiboy reminder as soon as equipping Underlight Angler fishing rod.

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Fixed showing both 5CP and also 6CP as soon as Vigor Ring is equipped and also Deeper Stratagem is Selected.


Fixed outlaw’s Roll the Bones buffs not loading if DfA talent was selected


The “Rogue Buffs” WA had actually an incorrect string with only Feint instead of all buffs


Fixed garrote not showing as empowered after utilizing vanishChanged Shadow Dance counter to be even more precise

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