How To Do Mark Of The Sentinax Quest Wow, How To Do Mark Of The Sentinax In 2018

Trying to do the Mark of the Sentinax quest seems impossible these days as nobody is farming shore so nobody has beacons, so getting 50 marks either takes hours of grinding or just pure luck that maybe someone is farming today..

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Buy these portal disruptors for 200 Nethershards, disrupt those purple portals and a big elite will spawn. Simply kill him and you get a “big beacon” (dont remember what they are called) and use these beacons under the sentinax. I think you have to buy 3-5 disruptors and you are good to go.

Done it on 4 alts in the past month.

Go to group finder, get a custom group or make your own. Takes less than 20 minutes

I just asked General. A kind soul whispered me right away that they had a bunch on an alt. Had it done in 15 minutes. Come to think of it, I have a bunch on my main… maybe I should go pay that forward.

Easiest way to do it is with a friend. Even with just one other person you can go wreck the “Rare” enemies which almost always drop beacons, usually for both of you. Then just head under the sentinax and farm portals.

Did this a while back on my warlock with my friends Warrior. We used just we he had picked up and finished out the quest in about half an hour. I’m still holding on to my beacons so we can use them when his monk gets the quest.

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Easiest way is, as mentioned, find a group in custom group finder.

If you can't find a group or just want to solo it but don't have any beacons, go to an area that is under attack by the Sentinax and kill random mobs underneath. You'll notice they'll have a buff that gives them a chance to drop beacons. Use those and it'll open up the portals for ya to clean house with.

Do a legion invasion scenario, people are still doing those for some reason and the end boss usually drops some beacons

Didn't take me long to find a group and it wouldn't be unreasonable to solo. Open some portals.

Go to the custom tab on LFG, there is usually a group running. Get it done in 5 minutes. I did precisely this two weeks ago.

If there are no groups, start one and others will join.

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Netherdisrupter tokens that summon mini bosses. 5 of them and you'll have your quest done. Alternatively you can kill about 15ish “rare spawn” bosses on broken shore and they drop the uncommon portal gems. Just did this myself, was kinda lame. I'll be waiting dor the disruptor for my next toon.

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