Meat Vendor Stormwind Vanilla Wow, Mest Vendor For Pets

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Đang xem: Meat vendor stormwind vanilla wow

Food Vendors (for non-cooking, non-fishing Hunters)KalimdorAshenvale:Maliynn Nantar Azuremyst Isle“Cookie” McWeaksauce (Odesyus Landing, meat and fish)Caregiver Chellan (Azure Watch Inn, cheese only)Ryosh (Crash site, bread only)Bloodmyst IsleCaregiver Topher Loaal (Blood Watch Inn, meat and fish)Little Azimi (Kessel”s Crossing. Fruit only)Darkshore:Allyndia AuberdineKyndri AuberdineLaird AuberdineDarnassus:Dendrythis Wanders Cenarion Circle (Northern)Talaelar Wanders just southeast of the BankDesolace:Harnor (Kodo Graveyard)Janet Hommers (Nijel”s Point)Innkeeper Lyshaerya (Nijel”s Point)Innkeeper Sikewa (Shadowprey Village)Durotar:Duokna (Valley of Trials)Grimtak (That outpost between Ogrimmar and V.Trials)Hai”zan (Tiny outpost outside Valley of Trials)Zlagk (Valley of Trials)Dustwallow Marsh/Theramore:Craig Nollward Dwane Wertle ExodarCaregiver Breel (Exodar Inn, meat, fish, bread)Mumman (Exodar near the Inn, fish and meat)Feralas:Harklane (Feathermoon Stronghold)Loorana (Camp Moja”che)Mardrack Greenwell (Feathermoon Stronghold)Moonglade:Dargon (Nighthaven)My”lanna (Nighthaven)Mulgore:Jhawna Oatwind (Bloodhoof Village)Kawnie Softbreeze (Red Cloud Mesa)Moodan Sungrain (Red Cloud Mesa)Orgrimmar:Borstan Olvia Shan”ti Stonetalon Mountains/Stonetalon Peak:Chylina The house at the north end of the PeakTanaris/Gadgetzan:Dirge Quikcleave Teldrassil:Dellylah Big tree in ShadowglenThe Barrens/Crossroads:Moorane Hearthgrain Zargh The Barrens/Ratchet:Kilxx – Just south of the dock (to the left as you walk off)Thousand Needles/Freewind Post:Innkeeper Abeqwa Turhaw Thousand Needles/Shimmering Flats:Brivelthwerp (The pet might not like it, but dayum, crossing these flats, I need something to cool me off!)Thunder Bluff:Fyr Mistrunner Innkeeper Pala Kaga Mistrunner Kuruk Nan Mistrunner Un”Goro Crater:Nergal (cave in central north)Winterspring:Himmik (Everlook)Lyranne Feathersong (Starfall Village)LordaeronArathi Highlands:(Refuge Pointe)Innkeeper Adegwa (Hammerfall)Uttnar (Hammerfall)Eversong WoodsKyrenna (Ruins of Silvermoon, cheese only)Marniel Amberlight (Fairbreeze Village, meat only)Quarelestra (Ruins of Silvermoon, meat and fish)Shara Sunwing (Sunstrider Isle, bread only)Zalene Firstlight (Farstrider Retreat, meat and fruit)GhostlandsHeron Skygaze (Farstrider Enclave, meat, fish, fungus)Innkeeper Kalarin (Tranquillien, fruit only)Master Chef Mouldier (Tranquillien, meat and fish)Hillsbrad Foothills:Innkeeper Shay (Tarren Mill?)Jason Lemieux (Tarren Mill)Bront Coldcleave (Southshore)Hal McAllister (Southshore)Neema (Southshore)Silvermoon CityInnkeeper Jovia (Inn. Cheese, meat, and fruit)Innkeeper Velandra (Near the Royal Exchange, Fish and meat)Sathren Azuredawn (The Bazaar, bread only)Sylann (The Bazaar, meat and fish)Silverpine Forest:Gwyn Farrow (The Sepulcher)Innkeeper Bates (The Sepulcher)The Hinterlands:Innkeeper Thulfram (Aerie Peak)Truk Wildbeard (Aerie Peak)The Undercity:Morley Bates Tawny Grisette Northern AzerothBadlands:Innkeeper Shul”kar (Kargath)Dun Morogh:Innkeeper Belm (Kharanos, Thunderbrew Distillery)Kazan Mogosh (Gol”ba Quarry)Ironforge:Bimble Longberry Wanders the Mystic WardMyra Tyrngaarde Wanders Bank/auction house areaSognar Cliffbeard Wanders Military WardLoch Modan:Khara Deepwater A bit northeast of Thelsamar, on the Lakeshore on the porch of a stone house.Wetlands:Innkeeper Helbrek Menethil Harbor InnStuart Fleming Stands on the dock. Wanders a bit I think.Southern AzerothBlasted LandsBernie Heisten (Nethergarde)Duskwood:Innkeeper Trelayne (Darkshire Inn)Scott Carevin (Darkshire)Elwynn Forest:Homer Stonefield Stonefield FarmJason Mathers Northeast of Goldshire Inn, on lakeKira Songshine Wanders road northwest of Goldshire Inn between Goldshire and StormwindToddrick Goldshire Inn – KitchenRedridge Mountains:Bartender Wental Lakeshire InnLamar Veisilli Lakeshire, up the hill west of the Inn, behind the flower shop, in the garden at the corner of the houseSherman Femmel Lakeshire InnStormwind City:Ben Trias Trade district – Cheese shopElaine Trias Trade district – Cheese shopThomas Miller Wanders the Trade DistrictStranglethorn Vale:Wigcik Booty BayNargatt Grom”golCorporal Bluth Rebel CampSwamp of Sorrows:Masat T”andr (NE of fork in road from Deadwind)Thultash (Stonard)Westfall:Kriggon Talsone (The beach just southeast of the Lighthouse, on a pier)Mike Miller (Sentinel Hill)**********OutlandsBlade”s Edge MountainsBraagor (Mok”nathal Village, meat only)Fizit “Doc” Clocktock (Toshley”s Station, cheese only)Gholah (Thunderlord Stronghold, meat only)Innkeeper Shaunessy (Sylvanaar Inn, bread only)Old Orok (Thunderlord Stronghold, fruit and fungus)Threlc (Thunderlord Stronghold, fish only)Xerintha Ravenoak (Ruuan Weald outpost? cheese only)Hellfire PeninsulaBaxter (Thrallmar, fish and meat)Caregiver Ophera Windfury (Temple of Telhamat, meat only)Cookie One-Eye (Thrallmar, meat only)Dark Cleric Malod (Dark Portal, meat only)Floyd Pinkus (Thrallmar, meat only)Gaston (Honor Hold, meat and fish)Innkeeper Bazil Olof”tazun (Falcon Watch, meat only)Mondul (Horde outpost near Zeth”gor, meat only)Provisioner Anir (Temple of Telhamat, meat and fruit)Provisioner Valine (Falcon Watch, meat and fruit)Quartermaster Gorman (Dark Portal, bread only)Sid Limbardi (Honor Hold, meat only)Supply Officer Isabel (Thrallmar outpost, meat only)Supply Officer Pestle (Shatter Point, meat only)Supply Officer Shandria (Expedition Point, meat only)NagrandCaregiver Isel (Telaar Inn, meat and ice cream)Cendrii (Alliance-controlled Halaa, fruit only)Embelar (Horde-controlled Halaa, fruit only)Matron Tikkit (Garadar, meat only)Nula the Butcher (Garadar, meat only)NetherstormEyonix (Stormspire Inn, fruit and bread)Gant (Area 52, meat and fruit)Shadowmoon ValleyCaretaker Aluuro (Altar of Sha”tar, cheese bread and fruit)Celie Steelwing (Wildhammer Stronghold, meat and fish)Dreg Cloudsweeper (Wildhammer Stronghold, meat and bread)Feranin (Sanctuary of Stars, bread only)Nanomah (Altar of Sha”tar, meat only)Targrom (Shadowmoon Village, bread and meat)Shattrath CityGarul (Aldor Rise, fruit only)Granny Smith (Lower City, SE corner. Fruit only)Innkeeper Haelthol (Scryer Tier.

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Fruit, bread, cheese)Jack Trapper (Lower City, SE corner. Meat, fish)Muffin Man Moser (Lower City, SE corner. Bread only)Oloraak (Lower City, north side. Fish only)Shaarubo (Lower City, World”s End Tavern. Meat only)Terokkar Forest“Slim” (Auchindoun near Sethekk Halls, meat only, Consortium Friendly needed)Innkeeper Biribi (Allerian Stronghold, cheese and fish)Innkeeper Grilka (Stonebreaker Hold, meat and fruit)Morula (Refugee Caravan, meat and bread)Supply Officer Mills (Allerian Stronghold, meat and bread)ZangarmarshCaregiver Abidaar (Telredor, meat only)Innkeeper Coryth Stoktron (Cenarion Refuge, bread only)Innkeeper Kerp (Orebor Harborage Inn, meat only, Kurenai Neutral required)Merajit (Zabra”jin, bread only)Naka (cenarion Refuge, meat and fish)I did not write this guide, just wanted to post if you guys havent seen it before.. it helped me when i was looking for fruit vendors for my pet gorilla


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