Mikee eeeh to play here that pikachu mike has mounted the rocket and goes to the moon but that does not work. It is a trolli toy ah that I get wet aih it rains that it rains now we return 2 hours later …… ui! by the hair that if we do not get a little wet eh yes! and then I smell bad and then you make me sleep in the toilet but now it can come out that it is not raining anymore But if it was raining do not lie to me !!!!! Hey, finally, after a long time, I have gotten some money with YouTube so I can go buy clothes, Joe, at last you are not ashamed to go out in your underwear on the street all day, not because I had no money, what do you want me to buy? DIAMANTITOOO: 3 but if you have a little diamond there at Ambrozio's house and everything you want now, but it's from Ambrozio, so leave it for later, what do you think if I cut my hair and then buy me chocolate.

To buy clothes too you want clothes not a bone bone ehh then that then in the mainkrea there is no GO, maybe if at best if it does not
shut up since I have to cut the scene, come on, I think it is about to close that It's too late for sure they don't have a bone. NO QUEO HELLO SIR. You Jose today should buy clothes that after a long time already got money That 20 minutes I want glasses now I want some glasses to share them with your money to see you advise me n little is called the store Well if you look at a digital line that you may like, for example, it is the look of nintendo skulls, you think Yes yes to see an orange with dependent sound A t-shirt in a fruit Open a jacket half monica what you will not We like that we have in summer but we talk sleeves they cut the sleeves to good then if you take me, take me a jacket of that orange it has blue pants Good to see how blue May You also lacked a title to hold the tingüindín pants govern and toledo in red Red and I got to bertoya big to spend his title in red I am very hungry Half put the normal stem and you are with me I do not think this new clothes fit very well to see to see sauces height 2 and 3 Like it While I want a costume of Bulnes but for my clothes that have not been paid to me, okay, wait, I'm going to get some good things.

No bones and diamonds, that's why I have done it to buy you something, okay, hello, don't bring me, don't bring me more shampoo, I already have many and I have a lot of shampoo. the store because I have the hairdresser If you have I have a place right now just cool It's very small that he has what I wanted a new hairstyle that is charismatic and also that he makes me a motorcycle in addition to breaking things Also this is mine it is not sincere give me the third no the third mine ok she wants me to remove the lock from your face I'll put a little bit from here ok ok ok then let's see Well then we have finished the truth that you have looked very well that little face is very fine and that hair is very good Also Yes It's not 25 dollars 25 players and I'm going to give you the invoice Damn it Well here ends the story of how I changed my skin I hope you liked the video a lot and even more the skin there were many very good but hab I had to choose one and in the end it was Juan Bedoya's.

Congratulations, you have won the 100 dollars, and thank you very much for participating, subscribe to the channel if you are not and see you in the next online video. Here just in case, trolli is handsome..

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