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For a long time, Minecraft players have wanted a higher resolution version of Minecraft. You must know that the vanilla textures are only 16×16 resolution. So I recommend the Faithful 64x Texture Pack, which quadruples the normal blocks and items in their resolution. As a result, your Minecraft world will look much better and increase your gaming fun.

By the way, this big project is managed by the HJP team and will add even more content in further updates. Currently only the items in the Faithful 64x Texture Pack are available for download in the new resolution. Accordingly it is only listed as Faithful Addon. It is one of the first versions of this new edit and therefore not everything will be perfect yet. However, the development team is already working on further updates, so check back regularly!

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If you want to have a complete Faithful 64×64 texture pack in Minecraft, download Steven’s Traditional Pack. This Minecraft Texture Pack contains all 64x blocks and 64x items.

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In direct comparison with Faithful 32x you will immediately notice massive differences. For example, the Netherite Sword and Netherite Helmet look much nicer and are especially well suited for adventures in the Nether Update. Of course, all other Faithful 64x items also look remarkably good.

All Faithful versions

  • Faithful 4×4
  • Faithful 8×8
  • Faithful 32×32
  • Faithful 128×128
  • Faithful 256×256
  • Faithful 512×512

Faithful 64x – Screenshots

  • Faithful 64x64
  • Faithful 64x64 Screenshot
  • Minecraft textures with 64x resolution
  • texture pack 64x64
  • Faithful 64x64 for Minecraft
  • Faithful 64x Screenshot

How to download and install Faithful 64x Texture Pack

First click on the Faithful 64x download link and then start Minecraft. In Minecraft you go to the options and then to your resource packs. Then open your Resource Packs folder in the lower left corner and copy the Faithful 64x into it. After a short restart of Minecraft you can activate the Texture Pack. I wish you much fun!

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