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Much of Minecraft's popularity came from the idea that players could build almost anything they put their mind to, whether it be in survival or creative mode.

Many people play Minecraft for the building aspect rather than the survival aspect, although some manage to do both. Minecraft has provided endless opportunities for players to do so, but sometimes, spawning into a random Minecraft world can prove to be rather tricky when trying to find the best place to build.

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Listed below are five of the best building seeds for Minecraft 1.17 to give players a look at some of the possibilities for places to build.

Minecraft 1.17 Building Seeds

5) Extreme Hills Splendour

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This extreme hills biome is the perfect opportunity for players who want to build on top of large areas or incorporate builds that will hang off the edges of cliffs. The cliffside is massive and can allow players to create anything their heart desires as it can easily be expanded. A cliffside seed is the perfect opportunity for amazing architecture.

Seed Code: 189354817

4) Ocean Monument Island

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This seed can prove to be quite challenging, although there is more to it than meets the eye. The player can easily build on the small island that branches out from the sea, they can create villages on the ocean, and much more. However, in the near distance an ocean monument sits underwater, also giving players a great building opportunity.

Seed Code: -3821186818805133221

3) Island and mesa

Image via Minecraft

The island and mesa are the perfect spawning points for a player who wants plenty of room while also wanting loads of materials to get them started. The majority of the island is bare, but there are just enough trees for players to gather enough resources. This is a wonderful place to build as it is already decently sized and has plenty of bare space.

Seed Code: 3585869031427545926

2) No Tree Island

Image via Minecraft

This seed is perfect for players looking for an island build with nothing on it, meaning they can start from the ground up. Survival players can also spawn here, as not too far away are neighboring islands which contain trees and a few other materials. There is also an ocean monument nearby giving players amazing building and adventure opportunities.

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Seed Code: -4199716164182889661

1) Endless Beach (Large Biomes)

Image via Minecraft

This is the ideal building location. It's a massive island that isn't completely barren. The majority of the beaches and coastlines are bare, but if the players travel inland there are plenty of trees and mining opportunities. The island is big enough for players to make amazing builds without intruding on other parts of nature too much.

Seed Code: -1389577003656398696

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