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Flat Land Minecraft seeds!

Minecraft seeds are codes that players can enter into the Minecraft menu to generate different worlds. Players can enter seeds to spawn into all different kinds of biomes such as mountains, snow, or deserts.

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Players can enter seeds to spawn into flat land worlds. Flat land can be a good world to spawn in if players plan on doing a lot of building. Players will have a lot of smooth ground as a platform.

Flat land seeds are also very helpful against fall damage in Minecraft. Everything is pretty much smooth, and there are not really any bumps or tall layered blocks that players can fall from.

This article will give players 5 of the best flat land seeds to use in Minecraft!

5 good flat land seeds in Minecraft 2021

Plains Land

Seed #: 6714107141548954383

(Image via Reddit)

This seed will spawn players in the middle of a plains biome where they can find lots of resources to take with them after looting the village. The seed also has a decent amount of caves and ravines that players may encounter.

Sunflower Kingdom

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Seed #: -1724695749

(Image via mcpedl)

This seed will spawn players inside of a plains biome and also right in front of a sunflower patch. This is a very flat seed, and probably one of the best seeds players can enter to build.

This seed is flat for a pretty long way. When it starts getting bumpy it is only a little layered, but still fairly flat for a Minecraft world. Players may also find a village or ruined portal nearby in this seed!

Players may also have a fun time building a parkour map in this seed!

Ravine and Resources

Seed #: 8614262653530851772

(Image via Sportskeeda)

This seed will generate a world with tons of places where players can obtain resources. This seed is not only flat, but it also has a ravine and village right near the spawn.

Players can go loot these places to gather the resources that they desire to build their new house, kingdom, or whatever they wish to do!

Pillager Post

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Seed #: 5682308706488683870

(Image via Minecraft Wiki)

This seed will spawn players in a world that is flat for many, many blocks out. On the journey of exploring all of the flat land, players will discover a pillager outpost where a raid can be triggered.

By triggering the raid, players can obtain the totems of undying which can protect the player from one death. Another good thing about this Minecraft seed is that the pillager outpost is not too far from a village where players will need to trigger the raid.

Super Flat Land

Seed #: 1967578135

(Image via PlanetMinecraft)

This is a great super flat land seed for players to use. This is one of the smoothest seeds players will find in Minecraft. This seed is perfect for building and creating big structures.

This seed also spawns players in the middle of the mountain biome on one side and a desert not too far out on the other side.

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