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Last week, Mojang released the first part of Minecraft's most awaited update. Rather than changing world generation, Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs added new blocks and mobs.

Mojang has added a new structure called amethyst geodes to the Minecraft 1.17 update. These rare structures commonly generate underground.

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Amethyst geodes have three different layers:

  • An outer layer of smooth basalt.
  • A middle layer made of calcite.
  • Budding amethyst, amethyst blocks, and shards form the inner layer.

Amethyst geodes are the only source of amethyst in Minecraft. Players starting a new world can use seeds with beautiful amethyst geodes close to spawn.

Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update seeds for amethyst geodes

#5 – Mineshaft going through an amethyst geode with a spawner

Mineshaft with amethyst geode (Image via u/djeaton on Reddit)
  • Seed: 2985732287620474688
  • Edition: Java
  • Coordinates: -338/32/154

In this seed, players can find a weird generation of a mineshaft, an amethyst geode, and a spider spawner at the same place. This place is only a few blocks away from spawn. Above the ground, players can discover a village with loads of loot and items.

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Players can use the spider spawner to farm XP, while amethyst shards will grow from budding amethyst. Since these shards take a long time to grow, players can spend their time grinding some XP rather than just waiting.

#4 – Geode exposed underwater

Underwater geode (Image via u/yallaintgotnoidea on Reddit)
  • Seed: -226177184
  • Edition: Bedrock
  • Coordinates: 1083/59/-787

Even though geodes are supposed to generate underground, players will often come across exposed geodes at the bottom of oceans. This Bedrock seed features an exposed amethyst geode in an ocean biome. Players can identify the geode from smooth basalt's dark texture.

While finding this geode, be careful as there are four ocean monuments around the geode.

#3 – Village close an exposed geode

Exposed geode (Image via Reddit)
  • Seed: 1137027184
  • Edition: Bedrock
  • Coordinates: 377/70/166

Here is another Bedrock seed for finding amethyst geodes. In this seed, players can find an exposed geode close to a village. By exploring the desert biome a little further, players can find another village.

If that's not enough, this seed also features a complete shipwreck on the ground.

#2 – Java seed for exposed geode

Island at spawn (Image via Reddit)
  • Seed: 9133268724681243931
  • Edition: Java
  • Coordinates: spawn

In this Minecraft seed, players can find an exposed geode at an unusually high level. Some players like to collect rare seeds with extraordinary world generation. This seed is an amazing way to start collecting 1.17 seeds.

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Players will spawn on an island with a plain village. So, players don't have to worry about food and shelter.

#1 – Double geode under a village

Double geode (Image via u/Direwisp on Reddit)
  • Seed: -2497213425330816112
  • Edition: Java
  • Coordinates: spawn

Like other structures, amethyst geodes can generate right next to each other. In this case, players can find double amethyst geodes under a village.

Around the spawn, players can find many types of Minecraft biomes such as swamps, plains, deserts, and more.

Disclaimer: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

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