New Amethyst in Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update: All you need to know

After the long wait, the Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update is finally here and set to released shortly to Minecraft players. This update is what Minecraft fans have been waiting for, and it is also one of the largest updates to come to the game.

This update introduced tons of new items for players to discover and lots of new mobs, biomes, and other resources for players to use. This update is so large; it is being split into two. This part of the update will be the first part (Part one).

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The second part of the update will include the rest of the content, and this is set to release in the Winter holidays. One of the new resources being released to the Minecraft world in this update is Amethyst.

Players may have seen a sneak peak of this item in the beta stages of the update, but some players may not have gotten that far yet. Amethyst buds and clusters are usually generated on the sides of budding amethysts.

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This resource is pretty easy to spot due to its bright purple and lavender appearance. In some players' opinions, amethyst is a very pretty resource in Minecraft, and it will not be hard to spot it due to its looks.

New Amethyst in Minecraft

How to mine it

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Mining Amethyst is pretty easy in the game. It is not a requirement for players to have lots of tools to mine this item. Amethyst clusters can be mined using any pickaxe, as long as the silk touch enchantment is applied to it.

Without the silk touch enchantment, players will end up just breaking the resource, and nothing will drop from it. When being mined with the correct tool, only fully grown amethyst clusters will drop amethyst shards. Breaking the buds will drop nothing.

Players will get four shards from breaking a cluster with the pickaxe. Players can use the fortune enchantment on the pickaxe, and it will increase the amount of shards dropped. However, the maximum amount of shards that players can gain from one cluster with Fortune is 16.

What can it be used for?

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Amethyst is pretty bright and will provide players with a pretty good light source. Amethyst clusters give off a light level of 5.

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Amethyst is also used to create new telescopes in Minecraft. Players will need amethyst shards in order to create new items. The player will also need a new copper ore as the second crafting ingredient.

How to locate it

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Minecraft made it pretty easy to locate amethyst in the game by using a very generous sound feature. When players touch the amethyst geode, they will hear what sounds like bells ringing. This is an alert signaling that players have just walked over the resource.

Amethyst crystals are found in amethyst geodes. Players will find these underground in the overworld of Minecraft. These items spawn in caves anywhere from Y=70 down to the bedrock level.

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