How To Make And Use A Lightning Rod In Minecraft

Lightning Rod is an addition to Minecraft 1.17 and has maintained its status as a special item ever since. It is not just a safety device but also a convenient tool with diverse uses. Making it also takes little effort. So it’s totally worth your time to have a look at how to make a lightning rod in Minecraft and what it can be used for.

Lightning Rod Minecraft
Lightning Rod is a useful item with simple crafting recipe.

What is Lightning Rod used for?

As one can expect from this tool’s name, the Minecraft lightning rod can divert lightning strikes in thunderstorms.

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Apart from that, it also has these uses in store:

  • Stop mobs from turning into something more fatal. For instance, a villager who get struck by lightning can become a witch.
  • Craft mobs on purpose so you can gather their drops. Just place a villager in a small space whose center is a Lightning Rod, then wait until it is struck. Although this is a tad mean, it’s effective.
  • Remove the oxidation from copper blocks. Place the Lightning Rod atop the copper and wait till it’s hit. The greenish hue will vanish.
  • The lightning rod in Minecraft also sends a redstone signal when lightning hits it. This means players can utilize it for a redstone circuit.
Lightning Rod Minecraft 2
Its usage goes beyond redirecting lightning.

How to make a Lightning Rod in Minecraft

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Crafting a Lightning Rod is in fact very easy. In the crafting table, players only have to place 3 Copper Ingots vertically with each of them on top of one another. Just this step and you’ll be able to make a single lightning rod and place it wherever you want.

However, if the player wants to pick it up again, remember to use a Stone Pickaxe or that of higher quality such as Diamond.

Crafting Lightning Rod
Recipe for how to make a Lightning Rod in Minecraft

How to use Lightning Rod in Minecraft 1.17

To use a lightning rod, putting it on a surface both horizontally and vertically will do. It will redirect every lightning strike that can hit anywhere within the 32x4x32 area around it. Therefore, the lightning would strike harmlessly on the rod’s top.

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It can protect the area from getting affected by lightning. As lightning strikes can lead to fires and tear through houses as well as other flammable builds, Lightning rods are the stroke of luck here.

Lightning Rod
Vertically or horizontally placing the lightning rod both works.

On another hand, a Lightning Rod naturally will not work in normal rain or clear weather. Players can tell the disparity between a thunderstorm and a common rain by taking a peek at the Lightning Rod. If it emits small white sparkles, incoming are lightning strikes!

You can always remove the lightning rod and place it somewhere else. But, as aforementioned, you have to use a Pickaxe of Stone or any better quality pickaxe to remove it. Or else, it will not drop anything.

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