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Survival is arguably the most fun game mode in Minecraft. Players do not have to worry about dying and losing their world like in hardcore mode, and they can enjoy collecting all the resources for their build ideas.

The location at which a player spawns in a new world can hugely impact how they start their survival journey. Having structures like a village close to the spawn point can sometimes be highly beneficial. Chances of this happening are low, but players can spawn close to a helpful structure using a seed.

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Best Minecraft 1.17 seeds for a survival world

5) Village and desert temple (Seed: 188110827056045)

A desert village (Image via Minecraft)

Java Edition players can use this seed to spawn about 120 blocks away from a desert village at 128, 70, 128. The village is quite extensive, and players can get a lot of food items from it. There's a desert temple not very far from the village located at 27, 69, 252. The chests of the desert temple have valuable items such as a golden apple and gold ingots.

4) Huge survival island (Seed: -2108063506)

This seed was found by u/_SoelBuildzz (Image via Reddit)

Many Minecrafters enjoy playing survival mode on islands, but gathering resources becomes challenging because they are small. However, using this Bedrock seed, players will not have to worry about that because the island it spawns them on is humongous. There is a dungeon with a zombie spawner 6767, 53, 225, and many more structures on the island.

3) Buried treasure and shipwreck (Seed: 527517686)

A shipwreck in the game (Image via Minecraft)

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This seed is for Java Edition, spawning the player less than sixty blocks away from the shipwreck. The shipwreck has two loot chests, one of which has a buried treasure map.

However, the player will not need the map because the treasure chest is generated next to the ship at 57, 63, 89. The buried treasure has two diamonds and some more rare items.

2) Two blacksmith houses and a ruined portal (Seed: -2479804741729234404)

A plains village (Image via Minecraft)

This is one of the best village seeds for Java Edition as it spawns its user right next to a village with two blacksmith houses. One of the blacksmith houses does not have diamonds, but the other has five.

There's a ruined portal close to the village that can access the Nether faster after placing the remaining obsidian and activating it.

1) Quick access to Nether (Seed: 5026493489781966030)

Ruined portal (Image via Minecraft)

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Accessing the Nether portal takes time because players need obsidian blocks, and they cannot be mined without a diamond pickaxe. This incredible Java seed will spawn Minecrafters next to a ruined portal with only one missing obsidian block.

Luckily, there's an obsidian block generated in front of the portal. To mine it, players need a diamond pickaxe to craft after collecting three diamonds from the desert temple at 202, 70, 593. There's a flint and steel inside the chest of the portal, using which players can activate the portal.

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