5 best Minecraft resource packs for PvP on version 1.17

Minecraft PvP has remained one of the most popular aspects of Minecraft multiplayer, with several mature communities focused around certain PvP gamemodes such as Bedwars and Factions.

Although “new” post 1.8 style PvP mechanics are undoubtedly less popular among Minecraft fans than its classic counterpart, PvP in the latest versions of Minecraft remains fairly common. Using a PvP optimized texture pack is one of the best ways players can easily improve their performance.

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These are some of the most suitable texture packs for PvP in Minecraft 1.17

1) Daedalus 1.17 PvP Pack

Download here

The Daedalus PvP pack is a great PvP pack with custom retextures for certain items, such as swords, axes, and pickaxes.

The pack features an overall rustic feeling and is perfect for anyone searching for a 1.17 PvP pack that strictly changes tools and weapons while keeping all other blocks as their classic vanilla look.

2) Ichigo PvP pack

Download here

Ichigo is a red-themed Minecraft 1.17 PvP pack

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Ichigo is a 1.17 PvP pack with a distinct crimson red theme. The pack features a full remodel for all Minecraft block and item textures, with a texture varying in quality all the way from 16x to 128x HD.

Specifically, this pack offers unique custom textures for the items below:

  • Ender Pearl
  • Sword
  • All tools
  • Armor
  • Fire (Low Fire)
  • Diamond
  • Diamond block
  • Diamond ore

3) Vienos 32x PvP Texture Pack

Download here

Vienos is a Minecraft 1.17 PvP pack with soft pastel aesthetics

As a 32x pack, Vienos offers players textures of greater quality than that of vanilla Minecraft. As a result, it's not recommended for those already struggling to run the default game at sufficient FPS.

Players running on more capable systems, however, might be interested in checking out this PvP pack. The pack shines with a soft cotton candy-like aesthetics, featuring pink tones as a theme throughout.

4) Aluzion 1.17

Download here

Freshly updated for 1.17, the much-popular “Aluzion” texture pack makes a return as one of the best PvP-optimized texture packs compatible with the latest version of Minecraft.

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Aluzion is a 16x texture pack and features retro cartoon-like characteristics with daring color tones throughout its design.

5) Mizu 1.17 PvP Pack

Download here

The Mizu 1.17 PvP pack expresses itself with a bright purple theme

With features including small swords, low-fire, and custom particles, the Mizu 1.17 pack has all the PvP optimizations that can be asked for.

Refusing to compromise on looks, the pack features a unique bright purple flair for its aesthetic. If there's one thing for sure, it's that this eccentric-looking pack stands out among the crowd.

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