Top 5 additions in Minecraft 1.17 that fans are excited about

The first part of the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update has finally been launched, and players have already begun exploring the new and improved Overworld. This update has added tons of amazing content to Minecraft. However, some are certainly better than others.

The image above is a screenshot from the official trailer for Minecraft Caves & Cliffs part one, and it features a cute Axolotl gathering some food for his best friend. Many players are extremely excited for this mob, and should not be surprised when they see where it is ranked.

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5 best additions in the Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update

5) Goat

A Goat searching for its next victim (Image via Mojang)

Players seem to be very excited about the Goat and its mischievous behavior. The goat is one of three mobs that have been added in the new update.

This mob is mainly known for its aggressive nature, as it seeks out any unfamiliar entities in a nearby radius and ram them. This ram can be exceptionally dangerous if the player is knocked off the side of a mountain, where goats usually live.

4) Geodes

The inside of an amethyst geode (Image via Minecraft)

Another great addition to Minecraft is the amethyst geode. Players who want to collect the new amethyst items will need to find these structures first.

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Geodes are the only source of amethyst and calcite in Minecraft. Players who stumble upon a geode while mining should certainly harvest it, as they are decently rare. Harvesting the amethyst shards will allow players to craft the coveted Spyglass, which was also added in this update.

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3) Glow Squid

A glow squid swimming around an ocean monument (Image via Mojang)

The second mob that was released with this update was the Glow Squid. This mob is quite cool as it stands out in the dark, and emits sparkly particles.

Glow squids also drop Glow Ink Sacs, which can be used to make super bright “LED” signs. These can only be found in underground water reserves, which will be quite small until the second part of the update drops.

2) Copper

All different types of Copper blocks, labelled (Image via Reddit)

Copper is one of the most exciting additions in the first part of the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs updates. It has been long awaited, and players can finally begin to build and craft with it.

Copper can be used to craft lightning rods and spyglasses, both of which are new items. The spyglass is especially cool as players can use it to scout out large areas of land.

Copper is also a highly versatile building block as it has multiple variants. Players can create a copper build with the intention of having it slowly turn green, or they can wax their copper to ensure that it stays nice and shiny.

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1) Axolotl

An axolotl splashing around in some water (Image via Mojang)

Of course, Axolotl is the most anticipated addition to the new Minecraft update. Players cannot stop talking about this cute mob for great reason. Axolotls only currently spawn in underwater pockets of water.

The axolotl will attack most aquatic life and can help the player acquire food if it runs into a school of fish. The axolotl can also be picked up and transported in a bucket. Axolotls who are scooped with a bucket will no longer be despawned.

Players can also attach a lead to the axolotl so that it does not wander off and get hurt.

The video above is the official trailer for part one of the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs updates. This video features a cute little axolotl, who is enjoying gathering some fish for the player.

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