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Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs is the most awaited update of 2021. Mojang has disclosed no information regarding the exact release date, but they have said that it will come out later this year.

After seven experimental snapshots, Mojang has finally released the first 1.18 snapshots. To see some of the best world generation features of the snapshot, players can use custom seeds.

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Best seeds for Minecraft 1.18 snapshot 21w37a

5) Miniature jungle at spawn (Seed: 4959564878748900709)

Jungle biome on an island (Image via Minecraft)

Small islands with rare biomes are some of the coolest things to have at the spawn point. This seed generates a miniature jungle biome right next to the spawn. Moving towards the south, players will find another island which is a mixture of a typical forest and jungle biome.

4) Waterfall in mountain (Seed: 6132728834317656956)

A mountain in the savannah biome (Image via Minecraft)

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At -417, 74, 1020, this seed generates a savannah biome mountain. A small fraction of the hill has a huge opening to a cave system where players will find many noodle caves. There is a lot of water falling into the cave, which looks like a waterfall made by a player. A mineshaft can also be found at -416, -6, 1072.

3) A hole in the world next to a savannah village (Seed: 5476763365282431589)

A savannah village (Image via Minecraft)

This amazing seed generates a savannah village at -2400, 104, -428, which has a giant cave opening that looks like a big hole in the ground. After going inside it, players will see a huge cave system and an aquifer opening.

2) Many biomes and structures (Seed: -8834933079388768803)

Extraordinary world generation (Image via Minecraft)

When a player generates a world using this seed, they spawn in a jungle biome surrounded by plains, savannah, and badlands biome. There is a giant mountain next to the spawn, which is a mixture of all four of these biomes.

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Moving towards the east, players can find a substantial lush cave that has unusually generated almost entirely exposed to the surface. There's also a mineshaft inside the cave, and a ruined portal has been generated at 155, 146, 195.

1) Plains village surrounded by snowcapped peak biome (Seed: 65760)

Village surrounded by snow mountains (Image via Minecraft)

This snapshot seed spawns the player in a taiga biome. About a thousand blocks away from the spawn, players can find a decent-sized village generated in a plains biome entirely surrounded by the new snowcapped peaks. The coordinates of the village are 697, 126, 21.

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