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Since the release of the Minecraft 1.17 update, fans have been wondering when the 1.18 snapshots will come. Last month, Mojang finally announced that snapshots for Caves & Cliffs Part 2 will come out in September.

Before that, however, the developers are releasing experimental snapshots to get feedback and improve the world generation prior to shipping it in regular snapshots. Players can download experimental snapshots to try the upcoming cave and mountain biomes.

Reading: minecraft 1.18 experimental seeds family worship printables

Finding beautiful caves and mountains is rare in the experimental snapshots as they are still making changes to the world generation. Players can use pre-found seeds, however, to find 1.18 caves and mountains.

Seeds for Minecraft 1.18 experimental snapshots

5) Truly a massive cave (Seed: 990885269401128481)

Caves are getting much bigger than anyone could ever imagine. In this seed, players can find a huge cave entrance at X: 1760 Z: -3660. This entrance leads to a never-ending series of empty cheese caves filled with many hanging mineshafts, lush caves, dripstone caves and ravines, which extend down to Y level -59.

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The seed is for Minecraft 1.18 Experimental Snapshot 2. Sadly, this isn't how the caves will actually generate in the update. The developers have scaled down the cave generation in the third experimental snapshot.

4) Lush cave cavern (Seed: -595837129382076134)

Beautiful cave generation (Image via Minecraft)

In this seed, players can find multiple cave openings around X: 471 Z: -157, which lead to a dark cavern. These entrances will direct players to a vast cave system of lush caves. The cave is extremely deep and players will find lava pools at its end. It is perfect for flying using the elytra.

3) A natural landslide (Seed: -1679837324)

Landslide (Image via Minecraft)

This seed features a natural landslide in tall mountain biomes. Sadly, this isn't a feature. It occurred due to a bug. Besides this landslide, players can find an unusually tall pointed dripstone pillar. This seed works in Experimental Snapshot 3, and the landslide is at X: -520 Z: -360.

2) A literal mountain (Seed: 5779587922135517613)

A lifelike mountain (Image via Minecraft)

The Minecraft 1.18 update aims to improve mountains by making them appear more realistic. In the first 1.18 experimental snapshot, players can use this seed to find a beautiful mountain that looks similar to real-life mountains. Teleport to X: -11720 Z: 4729 to see this mountain biome.

1) Snowy mountains near mushroom fields (Seed: 3006516195185472982)

Peaceful scenery (Image via Minecraft)

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New sub-mountain biomes will change Minecraft's mountains forever. They will be covered with snow, powdered snow and ice blocks.

This seed features a beautiful mountain generation near mushroom fields. Players can find the mushroom fields and mountains at X:200 Y: -200.

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