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The Minecraft trial version is a fantastic way for players to get a quick taste of the game before they spend their hard-earned money on it.

While Minecraft is almost universally enjoyed by players of all ages and backgrounds, it is always a good idea for players to ensure that they enjoy the game before buying it.

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Luckily, players on Windows 10, Android, and PlayStation will be able to try out Minecraft with the trial version. This version obviously has some limitations, but it provides enough for players to get a basic feel for the game.

Players should note that they will not be provided with the full version of Minecraft as the trial version has a time limit.

Minecraft trial version: Everything players need to know

Trial Version Features

The official trial version page of Minecraft (Image via Mojang)

The Minecraft trial version provides a survival-only experience for players who are still on the fence about purchasing the game.

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Since the trial version is survival-only, Minecraft players will not be able to access other game modes such as creative mode and spectator mode.

For those unaware, the Minecraft trial version is time-limited to 90 minutes of in-game time. Many players were upset with this decision as Mojang imposed the time limit after the initial launch of the trial version.

Nevertheless, those players should be happy that they are able to play Minecraft for free at all.

How to download Minecraft trial version

Trial download screen for Windows (Image via Microsoft)

As stated above, the Minecraft free trial version is available for Windows 10, Android, and PlayStation. The download and installation instructions are listed below for all devices.

Windows 10:

  • Go to Minecraft's free trial web page.
  • Click on the Windows logo.
  • Click on Free Trial.
  • Log in to Microsoft Account.
  • Proceed to download and install the executable file.

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  • Go to Google Play Store.
  • Search for Minecraft in the search bar.
  • Select the “Try free demo” option and proceed to download.
  • Run the new application.


  • Go to the Playstation Store.
  • Search for Minecraft Trial using the search bar.
  • Download the Minecraft Trial.
  • After it is downloaded, run the game.

Players on all of these devices are highly recommended to try out the trial version of Minecraft if they are skeptical about purchasing the game. They will almost certainly not be disappointed.

The YouTube video above showcases how to download the free trial version of Minecraft on the Windows Store.

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