Minecraft | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

[Music] hello everyone welcome to cosmic kids I'm Jamie and this is your place for yoga stories and fun it's easy all you do is copy the moves I do and enjoy the adventure now we always start in the same way and that's by sitting on our bottoms crossing our legs and bringing our hands together at our hearts and saying our secret yoga code word which is namaste ready after 3 1 2 3 namaste there now we're ready to begin and today we're in a world of blocks this is minecraft yoga it's our first day here and we've got to get ready for what lies ahead now it's very important that we survive here in Minecraft so we have to build a shelter a house coming up to stand jump your feet wide take your arms wide and bring them up above your head coming into a house pose very good now we can protect ourselves from all the mobs of monsters that spawn at night taking yourself all the way forward see if you can grab hold of your ankles and then clump them like a monster coming all the way up now to get ready let's spin into our minecraft skin tell your arms wide and begin to spin from side to side oh you can even close your eyes if you like wow that's amazing now we jump off feet into the middle and oh my goodness I've got my skin on oh this is interesting isn't it huh I wonder how we can move let's lift our arms whoo oh yeah and lower them oh that's fun I wonder if we can do any yoga let's turn to the side here we go now let's fold all the way forwards oh now I wonder if we can take our hands down oh there we go I wonder if we can touch our toes let's reach down and oh we did it and come all the way back up again ah and put your arms down hmm turn to the front there we go hmm it's gonna be quite interesting doing yoga wearing this maybe we can just pretend we're wearing the skin let's shimmy and shake it off ah that's better now you can see me again and I can see you we begin by looking up to the sky and seeing the sun's out so we wave and say hello Sun reaching all the way up and say hello Sun this is brilliant it means we've got plenty of daylight to collect all the things we need to craft now let's have a look around where we are joining your thumbs and fingers together have a look through oh it looks like we're on an island surrounded by an ocean there are trees and rocks and all sorts of things plenty of what we need to get crafting we lower our hands and we have to build a shelter don't we so look around and we see trees coming in to tree pose bringing one foot on top of the other your hands together and grow your tree up nice and tall now I wonder how strong are the trees here in Minecraft I'm gonna come and try and blow you down you stay tall and strong here I come do big B to do oh my goodness you're so good at balancing let's try our tree on the other side coming to stand with the other foot on top now using your heel balancing on your toe bring your hands together up try not to wobble and come up tall like a very tall tree and can you open your minecraft tree branches very good everyone now we've only got our bare hands to chop these trees down so let's come into wood chopper pose turning to the side spread your legs nice and wide and crisscross your fingers behind your back stretch your arms up behind you and then fold forward as you chop one two three and up one two three cha and up last time one two three cha and all the way up very good everyone now we've collected lots and lots of blocks of wood coming into a block of wood pose down onto your knees tuck yourself up into a tiny block shape mmm brilliant now we need to turn these blocks into planks of wood so take your hands forward come up onto your hands and knees and stretch one foot back two feet back and come into plank pose pulling your tummy nice and tight in your plank pose very good now with our planks we can make a very important thing a crafting table coming into table pose coming to sit on your bottom with your knees bent your feet flat and your hands behind you and lift your bottom up coming into your crafting table pose very good now we can make all the tools we need let's start with a pickaxe we need to make some sticks coming to standing stick pose standing with your toes together your hands up above your head making yourself as pointy as you can very good everyone now balance two planks on top of our stick to make a pickaxe in a triangle shape coming into dog pose on two author's hands wide tuck your toes and lift your bottom up to the sky coming into your dog pose hmm now we've made a pickaxe we need to go and find some coal coming up to stand we find a giant stone wall hmm there could be some coal in here we jump our feet wide and our arms wide making a giant stone wall shape very good now we've got our pickaxe we dig at the stone wall turning to the other side now stretch your legs wide criss cross your fingers stretch them out behind you and fold forward after three with a dig one two three dig and up and again one two three dig and up last time one two three all the way up again very good we found some coal and we've managed to dig ourselves a cave this can be our shelter coming to stand with your legs wide and your hands above your head in your cave pose well done everyone now with our coal and our sticks we're going to make some torches let's come into candle pose lying down on your back stretch your arms out wide and lift your legs up to the sky and wiggle waggle your toes like flames very good we've put the torches up on the walls of our cave and we've got light well done everyone now look outside our cave we see some sheep coming into sheep pose sitting all the way up on your hands and knees it's wiggle waggle or tails and let's go we could do with some wool so that we can make a bed sleeping is very important in Minecraft it's how we stay safe at night we sit on our bottoms we bring our hands together and we safe are a stay to thank the Sheep ready ah stay brilliant we take the wool and we add it to a block of wood to make a bed coming into bed pose turning to the side again knees bent feet flat hands behind you and lift up your bottom coming into bed pose excellent now we'll be safe at night look outside everyone there are some mushrooms mmm we can get some dinner with them we come up to stand and we fold halfway forwards as we pick the mushrooms picking them out of the ground collecting lots and lots and lots fantastic now we stand up tall we need to craft a bowl so that we can put our mushrooms inside coming into Bowl pose lying on your bellies put your hands on your shoulders as you bring your feet towards your bottom then reach around and see if you can grab your feet now breathe in as you lift up whoop very good in your bowl pose we put the mushrooms inside and we can make our mushrooms do mmm coming up to sit now we need to make ourselves a door so that we're secure at night let's come into door pose hi hi upon your knees take your leg to the side and your arm up to the sky let's see if it works by opening it mmm very good now let's see if it closes too nice together leg to the side arm to the sky and close it brilliant that's made good use of our planks now we're inside we look outside and we see that the sky is turning from orange to pink to purple it's dusk now we're inside we build ourselves a chest so that we can put away all the things that we've collected coming into chest pose sitting on your bottoms joining the soles of your feet to get that holding onto your toes and close your chest down putting your head towards your toes fantastic now we look up because outside it's nighttime this is when all the mobs of monsters spawn we've got to be ready for them so let's talk about what we're going to see there might be some creepers creepers coming up to stand up on your tippy toes everyone because creepers like to come up to you and blow themselves up with a kaboom after three let's jump in kaboom one two three oh we stand up if we see one of these we need to run away now there are also zombies that come out at night coming to stand to the side roll all the way forwards and slowly roll yourself up to stand and bring your arms up in front of you turn to the front and like a zombie tilt from side to side Oh zombies have lots of friends and they often bring them with them so we need to hide like little mice if we see the zombies coming in some house pose on your knees tuck yourself up into a tiny little ball mmm coming up to sit again now there might often be some skeletons around and they have bows and arrows let's come into Archer pose sitting with your legs out long take two fingers and put them between your big toe and your second toe bring your elbow back towards your ear and see if you can reach forward to your other foot and fly or arrow ready one two three hmm we'd better be careful we don't want to meet any skeletons there are also witches coming in too which pose standing up until craggy toes and your fingers and maybe a craggy rose oh they like to cast spells and use magic and there are spiders let's come into spider pose standing with your feet just a little bit wider bend your knees and bring your hands down in between your feet now ticka ticka ticka ticka your hands around to the outside and rest your feet your legs over the top of your arms in spider pose now spiders like to come in from above Oh No look ones coming in now but there's a skeleton and he's shooting it with his bow and arrow sitting on your bottoms licks how long take your other two fingers between your big toe and your second toe and bring your elbow back then reach forward and grab your other foot and watch the skeleton fire it's arrow to the spider one two three the spider keels over into happy baby pose lying on your backs everyone holding on to your feet in happy baby pose ah well this is good news this means we've collected some string sitting up tall crossing your legs let's roll the string up in front of us and let's put it in our chest we need to go to sleep so that we don't have any more danger tonight so we huddle ourselves down into a comfy position ah in our lovely beds and we feel safe in the morning we wake up and it's raining coming up to sit on your knees pitter-patter on your faces and on your heads oh my goodness me this is exciting it's daylight again so we're safe so we decide to build a boat we're gonna go fishing today sitting on your bottoms lift up one foot lift up to lift up one hand lift up no hands yeah your bow pose give me a wave yay now who's this coming to see us it's our friend stumpy cat coming into cat pose everyone on all fours fingers spread wide tuck your arch your back up and look into your bellybutton and then lower your belly down and wiggle waggle your tail and go he's brought a treat for us for breakfast some cake mmm sitting on your bottoms crossing your legs rub a hand on your tummy your head at the same time as you eat your delicious cake can you do it the other way rub your hand and pat your head very good look the sun's coming out and it makes a rainbow appear in the sky let's come into rainbow pose high up on your knees everyone take your arms wide and drop down onto one side stretch your leg out and reach your arm up and over your ear coming into your beautiful rainbow pose now we sit with stampy and he knows an awful lot about Minecraft coming into rainbow pose the other way two knees together arms wide drop down and stretch your leg out reach your arm up and over your ear coming into a full rainbow very good everyone we wonder whether stamp you could ever craft a yoga class into Minecraft swirled that would be funny wouldn't it if you were playing Minecraft and you came across a yoga class along comes a horse coming into a horse pose high upon your knees step one knee forward and lift your arms up then fold forwards and lift your chest as you go stampy saddles up he lifts himself up turns himself round drops down onto the other knee as he says me wueste and off he trots very good everyone now we'd better get in our boat so that we can get some fish sitting in your boat pose lifting up one leg lifting up two lifting up one hand lifting up no hands and give me a wave yay using the string from our spider we catch a fish point your toes down and drop down onto your elbows now pop pop pop pop your chest to the sky and cut to the ceiling or the sky above you like a fish yay we sit up tall this is great news we've got a fish for our supper now back on the land we find we're being followed by a pack of wolves let's come into a dog pose on your hands and knees spread your fingers wide tuck your toes and lift your bottom up to the sky coming into your dog pose now the wolves are our friends and they howl at the skeletons to scare them away coming all the way forward come down onto your belly and tuck your toes and then peel your shoulders up off the ground and see if you can make your legs really strong and lift them up too and then look up to the sky and howl Thank You wolves we get back to our shelter where after eating our fish supper we're ready to have another sleep we've survived our first two days and nights here in Minecraft and we feel very proud of ourselves so rely ourselves down our legs and arms long and we come to rest what an adventure that was it's been amazing here in Minecraft world makes us understand how things are made when you look around you had all the natural things in the world and how you put them together to make the tools and the things that you need it makes us realize that we don't need very much a house warmth friendship food and water and it makes us feel really grateful for all the other stuff that we have in real life maybe when we look around now we can understand how those things were made the work that went into them and we can feel very grateful very grateful for all that we have now it's time to wake up so we wiggle our fingers and our toes we bring our knees into our chest and we were all over on to our side opening our eyes coming up to sit with our legs crossed and our hands together at our hearts just like we started and we finish with our secret yoga code word which is namaste ready after 3 1 2 3 namaste well done everyone that was awesome thanks for coming to Minecraft world with me and helping me survive my first couple of nights you were amazing I hope you come back soon for another cosmic kid's adventure bye bye [Music]

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