The Adventure Backpack Mod adds a bevy of incredibly useful backpacks to the game that aid you in your travels. The packs allow you to craft on the go, sleep anywhere with a stored sleeping bag, fluid tanks, and of course, extra inventory space. You can wear the backpack by shift + left clicking the pack while it’s on the ground. Or you can just keep it on the ground like you would a chest.

Adventure Backpack

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There are several backpacks created by mixing items from plants or mobs. Three will fill with useful fluids depending on what you desire. Cactus Backpacks will fill the tanks with water either when it’s raining or if you’re in water with it. Melon backpacks will fill with melon juice in the same conditions. And the cow backpack fills with milk if you keep a steady supply of wheat in it’s inventory. These are all great to keep an ample supply of liquids on you at all times.


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There are several that help you just by wearing them. Squid backpacks allow you to breathe and see underwater, bat backpacks, which are found in caves, allow you to see in the dark, and the chicken backpack will drop an egg every so often. Better to ease your adventuring especially if you are low on supplies in a deserted area at night.


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The tool slot in the backpacks makes for easy switching of tools in your hand. If you sneak and use the scroll wheel on your mouse, the tool will cycle from what you have in your backpack’s tool slots. This gives you the option to minimize how many tools you carry in your main bar.


All of the backpacks contain a crafting table that can be used either while wearing the pack or if you set it down. This is great if you need one on the go and don’t want to bother creating one from surrounding trees. Happy adventuring!


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