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Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update saw the arrival of multiple new features. Out of several new additions, amethyst is a notable inclusion.

Amethyst has lots of uses for players but it's relatively unknown due to it being a new addition. It is a new block but is far rarer than other ones like deepslate or copper ore.

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Amethyst can be a useful block for building as well as getting shards for crafting. Here's everything players can do with amethyst in Minecraft.

Uses for amethyst in Minecraft

Amethyst spawns underground in geodes. Geodes can spawn at all different levels, even as high as Y level 70. They are signified by their surrounding blocks. The amethyst is inside and usually not seen, though sometimes the random generation leaves it slightly visible.

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However, the amethyst will be surrounded by a shell of calcite (a new block) which will be further ensconced in a shell of smooth basalt (another new block). If players come across these blocks, it's a geode.

Geodes are the only source of calcite and amethyst, so if the former appears, it has to be in a geode. However, amethyst blocks can also only appear in geodes but they will never be found in solo blocks.

An amethyst geode, signified by the surrounding calcite and smooth basalt blocks, can be found underground. (Image via Minecraft)

Amethyst shards are the most useful items found inside a geode. These are dropped from amethyst clusters and can be used for decoration as well as light. Amethyst clusters give off a light level of 5. Apart from that, they can also be used for crafting.

Four amethyst shards will craft a block of amethyst. One shard and three copper ingots will craft a spyglass, while four shards and a block of glass will make tinted glass. Blocks of amethyst currently have no use other than as a decoration.

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Amethyst blocks have a blast resistance of 1.5 and they are not flammable, which can make them a fairly useful building block.

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