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Last month's Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Part 1 was the biggest update in the game's decade-long history. Previously, Mojang had released a nether update. This year, developers have focused on improving the overworld by introducing new biomes, terrain generations, and mobs.

However, the part one update only featured new beautiful blocks and some cute mobs, with Axolotls being its prime attraction. These adorable mobs come in various colors in Minecraft.

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Axolotls are the first amphibian mob added to Minecraft. They were a sudden surprise to viewers at Minecon 2020 as nobody expected the arrival of an amphibian mob. Being the first mob of its kind, axolotls are pretty different from other mobs added previously.

Pick axolotls in buckets in Minecraft

Sadly, green axolotls are not added (Image via Mojang)

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Other than fish, axolotls are the only mob in Minecraft that can be kept in a player's inventory. Players can use buckets to pick axolotls in Minecraft. But before wondering how to do that, players should know about axolotl spawning locations.

Axolotls have special spawning conditions. In Minecraft 1.17, they only spawn in water at a height level below 63 in complete darkness. Players can make them spawn naturally by creating a similar environment. Please remember that the light level should be zero.

Players can search for axolotls in caves and ravines found under oceans. After encountering some axolotls, players can pick them up using an iron bucket. Right-click on an axolotl with an iron bucket to pick it up. Doing this for the first time will unlock “The Cutest Predator” advancement.

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Buckets of axolotl cannot be stacked. Therefore, players will have to keep some free space in their inventory if they will catch a lot of axolotls. After grabbing some axolotls, players can either keep them in a chest/inventory or release them into the water.

Caught axolotls do not despawn, so naming them isn't compulsory. However, naming axolotls do not require name tags. Players can change the name of axolotl using anvils. This way, players without master level librarians can save their name tags in Minecraft.

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