5 best Minecraft Bedrock Edition survival island seeds in 2021

When Minecraft survival players get a bit bored of playing regular survival, using a survival island seed is a great way for them to make Minecraft even more challenging.

Seeds in Minecraft are defined as strings of letters or numbers that determine which map will generate. For example, if two players on the same Minecraft version enter the same letters or numbers into the seed generator, they will both get the same map.

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Many players are in search of good ones, and luckily, this article lists some awesome seeds for players looking for a survival island.

Top 5 Minecraft Bedrock Edition survival island seeds in 2021

#5 – FORCE

Image via Minecraft

This survival island seed would be perfect for an experienced player. Players will spawn on a small island with five trees and a single pig.

There are a few nearby islands, but for the most part, this island is in the middle of the ocean. An Ocean Monument can also be found in the water near the main island.

#4 – More Ore

Image via Minecraft

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In this seed, players will spawn on a decently sized island in the middle of the ocean. The island only has one tree, a few mobs, and a lot of tall grass.

With only one tree, this island will surely be a challenge to survive on, but it's completely possible. With all the tall grass, players can make a nice farm to grow wheat for food.

#3 – 542630838

Image via Minecraft

Despite this Minecraft seed only being an island, it is quite a rare seed. Not only does a village cover the entire island, but this said village has three different blacksmiths, which is almost unheard of.

All of the loot that can be found across the island includes:

  • Diamonds
  • Iron tools
  • Iron armor
  • Iron ingots
  • Gold ingots
  • Emeralds
  • Food

There are also numerous farms around the village where players can stock up on food.

#2 – -1673096729

Image via Minecraft

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In this seed, players will spawn on a pretty empty island, but the island they want to go to is only a few blocks away.

After swimming to the correct island, players will stumble across three different ruins. Each ruin has a chest with a lot of great loot. One chest even has a treasure map, and the treasure is very close by.

#1 – 1253738720

Image via Minecraft

In this seed, players spawn on a seemingly normal survival island. There is a small cave where players can easily find ores right off the bat, but there is much more lurking below the island.

Below the island lays a large cavern-like cave system. Buried treasure may also be found below the map, so players should keep an eye out for any stray chests.

(Disclaimer: This list reflects the personal views of the writer. As there are many such seeds, it is an individual's choice to select one or the other according to his/her preference.)

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