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Minecraft's jungle is a source of incredible amounts of resources ranging from cocoa beans, melons and bamboo to even a near-infinite amount of wood.

These biomes are also sought after for the chance of finding jungle temples, randomly generated structures that are still an incredible find. Players can rejoice at all of the options for building treehouses or even just to find and bring home a cuddly panda bear. These biomes have more than enough to spark creativity and inspiration amongst Bedrock Edition players.

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Top 5 jungle seeds in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

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#5- 70906

For builders and players who love to grab scaffolding, this seed presents you with everything you need for jungle survival. Starting off in a vast and expansive jungle with a bamboo forest not too far, players will have no issue finding their favorite colorful parrots and a beautiful vista for a home.

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#4- 1479

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This seed drops players on the edge of a taiga biome in front of cows, sheep, pigs, and some sweet berries for quick food. Next to the spawn location is a full and expansive jungle, replete with enough cocoa beans and melons to last a lifetime.

For differences in Java and Bedrock Editions, check out this article.

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#3- 9144

Next on the stop is 9144, spawning the player in close proximity to a wild ocelot, so it's recommended to put a bonus chest in this world for the chance to get some raw fish quite early on. Travel over to the coordinates (56, 74, 328) to come across a jungle temple.

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Second to last for this list brings a map fit with two jungle temples located at (235, 69, 98) and (251, 68, -269). Dotted around the spawn map is an oak village and a villager outpost, just nearby. Grab up all the supplies readily available, and head out into the night in search of adventure.

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#1- -596216374

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This seed has it all, and that's why it's #1 on this listing. It consists of a total of four jungle temples, all located at (11, 71, 103), (-172, 72, -144), (245, 70, -354), and (512, 73, 13). Players can also check out a village at (940, 64, 156), where they'll pass by a few other villages and stand out structures.

Minecraft's seed hunting community is at an all-time high currently, and the seeds they're bringing to the table are commendable. Any Bedrock Edition players thinking of starting a new world should definitely check out these seeds, whether it be for inspiration for a build or just a quick jump-start on progress.

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