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Woodland mansions are among the rarest structures in Minecraft. Players can find vindicators, evokers, and other hostile mobs spawning in the dark corners inside these structures.

Woodland mansions are considered rare as they usually generate thousands of blocks from the spawn point. However, in rare cases, users can find them close to their spawn.

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Using pre-found seeds, gamers can generate worlds with rare structures at spawn, like woodland mansions.

Best seeds for woodland mansions in Minecraft

5) Village with mansion and outpost

Seed: -1482616611

An outpost and mansion (Image via Minecraft)

Players can find a poor taiga village surrounded by woodland mansions and pillage outposts on opposite sides in this Bedrock seed. This unusual natural generation can be used for creating a role-playing world.

Since it's a taiga village, the woodland mansion and the outpost look like a part of the village. Users can find the mansion at X: 1619 Z: -2002.

4) Crazy seed with mansion and village

Seed: 28394549419529641

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In this Java seed, gamers can find a woodland mansion at X: 488 Z: 1832. At a distance of 100 blocks from this structure, they will come across a plains village.

Players will spawn near two villages in this seed. There is a plains village in the west, and in the east, they can find an abandoned village.

3) Pillager outpost and mansion at spawn

Seed: -94425921

Mansion at spawn (Image via Seedmap)

This Bedrock seed features a woodland mansion right next to the spawn location. Besides this structure, users can find a pillager outpost and village.

This seed is also great for speedrunning since the stronghold is around 700 blocks from spawn. Above the stronghold, gamers can find a plains village. The coordinate for the stronghold is X: -636 Z: -716.

2) Mansion and mushroom fields

Seed: -5298564995508728969

Mansion and mushroom fields (Image via Minecraft)

In this Java seed, players spawn next to a woodland mansion and a mushroom field. The latter is one of the rarest biomes in Minecraft.

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Mushroom fields are home to rare animals called mooshrooms. They are similar to cows but covered with mushrooms. Mushroom fields are an excellent place for building a base as no hostile mobs spawn there.

1) Woodland mansion surrounded by badlands

Seed: 7358137193

A mansion surrounded by badlands (Image via Minecraft)

Badlands are some of the rarest biomes in Minecraft. In this Java seed, users can find a woodland mansion in dark forests surrounded by badlands on all sides.

They will spawn near a plain village located at X: -264 Z: -344. The woodland mansion is located at X: 264 Z: 88.

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