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In Minecraft, there are many different types of biomes, and plenty of players want a seed that spawns them close to as many biomes as possible.

Seeds in Minecraft are defined as strings of letters or numbers that generate a certain world. If two players on the same version were to enter the same letters into the seed generator, they would be given the exact same Minecraft map. There are millions of seeds out there, so it can be pretty hard to sort through all of the options to find the best seeds. Luckily, this articles lists the five best Minecraft Bedrock Edition seeds with all biomes.

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5 best Minecraft Bedrock Edition seeds with all biomes

#5 – -433664663

Image via Minecraft

This seed may seem like a normal one, but it is actually quite unique. Right off the bat, players spawn in walking distance to multiple different biomes, with others off in the distance. There is also a ravine near spawn, which is a great place to gather resources.

There is a swamp, taiga, extreme hills, birch forest, plains, and other biomes.

#4 – -1603290660

Image via Minecraft

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This seed has beautiful biomes spread across spawn for players to enjoy. Right off of spawn, players can see a swamp, plains, extreme hills, beach, birch forest, and badlands biomes. This is a pretty rare seed considering that all of the biomes are right at spawn.

#3 – -1470500144

Image via Minecraft

From the picture shown, this seed may not look like it has every biome, but looks can be decieving. At spawn it may just be snow and taiga biomes, but other biomes can be found too:

  • Jungle: -251, 74, -326
  • Mushroom island: 912, 268
  • Badlands: -1319, 68, 2
  • Swamp and desert: -638, 63, 368
  • Plains with a village: -246, 71, -1430

#2 – -1203211610

Image via Minecraft

This seed is another example of looks that can be decieving. On the outside, this appears to be a boring seed, but it is actually the opposite. More biomes can be found at the coordinates below:

  • River: -620, 84, 373
  • Badlands, desert, and plains: -1040, 64, -11
  • Savanna with village: -879, 65, -1144
  • Mushroom island: 1270, 68, -24
  • Ice spikes and taiga: -64, 68, 1164

#1 – -814008789

Image via Minecraft

In this seed, players will spawn submerged in water and must swim to shore. Once they are on solid ground, players will notice they are standing right next to a jungle temple. The temple has loot in it, but be careful of the traps that lie inside.

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Players will spawn between a jungle and badlands biome, and other biomes can be found below:

  • Taiga and snow village: 409, 85, 636
  • Ice spikes and taiga: 150, 87, 1153
  • Mushroom plains, taiga, and jungle: 1490, 68, 103
  • Savanna with village, desert, and badlands: 431, 68, -643
  • Swamp, plains, and desert: -1109, 70, -1239

(Disclaimer: This list reflects the personal views of the writer. As there are many such maps, it is an individual's choice to select one or the other according to his/her preference)

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