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Throughout Minecraft, the Overworld is scattered with villages and villagers. Occasionally, these villages can be abandoned and covered with cobwebs.

Along with villages being normal size, there are large villages available for players to visit. Villages can have an abundance of rare items to find, like gold, iron, saddles, weapons, armor, and more. They can be small, with only a few buildings, or large, with two or three villages making up one big village.

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Listed below are five seeds that will spawn Minecraft players near large villages.

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Large Minecraft villages to explore

1) mamaMOOSE

This village has a different seed name, going with letters instead of numbers. It was found a while back, but it still works and is home to three villages in one. There are plenty of places to explore, and treasure chests throughout the village have apples, saddles, diamonds, iron, and obsidian to collect.

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There is a water and swamp area on one side, with the village placed on grassy land.

2) -1388582293

This seed will drop Minecraft players near a large village with two blacksmiths where players can get two iron chestplates, apples, bread, and at least 17 iron ingots. The village looks as if it is at least two villages together, possibly three.

Players can also explore the Minecraft Overworld by leaving the village and discovering two different biomes that surround it.

3) -1007380239

For Minecraft players looking for secluded islands and a large village, this seed is perfect. There is a large village nearby the seed, which has a lot of wood, farms, and villagers to trade with. Also, there is a small forest and a cave along with different biomes surrounding the island, which players can explore and find more items to either build their headquarters with or trade items with villagers.

Image via Minecraft Seed HQ

4) -854156397

This Minecraft seed will spawn players near a massive plains village. The village has many villagers, such as blacksmiths and farmers, who are eager to trade with players.

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With many opportunities to trade, there are also plenty of resources surrounding the village and the area. Minecraft players can mine, dig, farm, etc., with the surrounding lands of the village, including building their own home base close by.

Image via Minecraft Wiki

5) -266764218

Minecraft has many hidden secrets throughout the Overworld and Nether, as well as The End. But this hidden secret offers players the chance to build and thrive in their own kingdom with a village already made.

This seed has a double village connecting to each other with a path, with a large, grassy block area in the middle that has plenty of land for Minecraft players to build their own castle or home base between each village. Walling off the outside perimeter can lead to players creating their own little kingdom, viable with villagers, resources, and more.

Image via Reddit

Minecraft is a wide, open place to explore. Villages offer homes, resources, and trading opportunities for players to take advantage of. Massive villages can give a town-like feel to the game, helping players feel at home, should they build their home base near or in the village itself.

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