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Looking for some cool Minecraft skins? Fashion faux pas are serious business and it is not just a case of following the latest trends or knowing this season’s wardrobe essentials. Instead, it is an ongoing battle to turn up wearing one of these cool Minecraft skins to make all your friends jealous.

Whether it is superheroes, characters from your favourite games, film icons, or creative mashups you need, we have sourced some of the very best threads for your sartorial pleasure. So, to ensure you are the talk of the server the next time you log in, we have the very best Minecraft skins for you.

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There’s no point messing around in the amazing worlds created by the best minds if you’re not looking just as special. If you’re playing on the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, the new character creator lets you customise your character model with numerous free and premium Minecraft skins, so you can roam around the coolest play areas generated by Minecraft seeds as the pixel version of yourself.

But if you’re looking for something a little more fantastical to fit in with the best Minecraft mods, skins are still the way to go – check out our list of cool Minecraft skins below.

Here are cool Minecraft skins for your character:

Cool Minecraft skins - Among Us

Among Us Minecraft skins

Use these Among Us Minecraft skins with the right game setup and some modding know-how, and you can create a pretty convincing social deduction game inside Minecraft. There are skins for all of the colours you would normally find in a full Among Us lobby, but here you can find purple, brown, cyan, and lime green.

Minecraft skins Chewbacca


Huggable but deadly are characteristics for which we all strive for when looking for Minecraft skins – and in real life, come to think of it. Now you can have just that by equipping your avatar with this Chewbacca skin.

Grab a friend who looks a bit like Harrison Ford and explore the galaxy together – there aren’t many Star Wars games that let you play as a Wookie, but now you can finally unleash the Wookie within. The best bit is that there is a Minecraft adventure map that is based on Star Wars, so you can save the galaxy by wiping out the Empire. That said, Chewbacca isn’t the only Star Wars character skin out there.

Minecraft skins Jabba the Hutt

Jabba the Hutt

Don this Minecraft Star Wars skin to resemble one of the galaxy’s most notorious and influential gangsters/gelatinous blobs. You will need to speak Huttese if you want to do this Minecraft skin justice, so here are some key phrases:

Moulee-rah – “Money!”

H’chu apenkee – “Hello!”

Wee now kong bantha poodoo – “Now you’re bantha fodder!”

Minecraft skins Darth Maul

darth maul

We are not quite sure how you will pull off Darth Maul’s double-bladed lightsaber look, but everyone else in the server will likely be too busy fleeing to notice you’re only wielding a bronze pickaxe.

Minecraft skins Iron Man

iron man

From Star Wars to Marvel, Ol’ shellhead is an extremely popular Marvel character, thanks in no small part to his iconic hot-rod red armour. This is a detailed replica of his classic armour, complete with triangle chest piece and palm repulsors.

Minecraft skins Thanos


The big baddie of Marvel’s blockbuster Avengers series looks even more formidable as a Minecraft skin. Now we just need a ‘Thanos click’ mod that deletes Minecraft mobs at night.

A Deadpool skin in Minecraft


Hello everyone, your favourite merc with the mouth here. I couldn’t just sit by and let other Marvel heroes and villains get their own skins before I did, so I contracted a very talented pixel artist to make one for me. His name is KingJohn01 and he did a great job. It’s one of the top skins out there too (better than all of the Wolverine ones) So download your own copy of this Deadpool skin and look as good as me, well, almost anyway.

Minecraft skins Elsa


Don’t forget about Disney skins! If you absolutely love the Frozen films, then dressing up in this Elsa skin is an absolute must. While you’re at it, travel straight to the nearest snowy biome, and get building a massive ice castle fit for a Disney princess..

A Minecraft skin of Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson

While the internet is still convinced that nobody watches The Simpsons anymore, the fact of the matter is that there are still millions of people who watch episodes to this day. The numbers aren’t anywhere near their peak, but TV has changed a lot. Homer Simpson is one of the most beloved characters from the show, so a skin based off him is a no-brainer.

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After choosing the Homer Simpson skin, why not use one of the Minecraft house ideas to create the template for your own version of 742 Evergreen Terrace.

The Minecraft skin version of Shrek is storming out of the hastily built outhouse in a swamp.


Yes, you too can barge out of your own outhouse to the beat of Smashmouth’s All-Star. Like an onion, there’s a lot of layers to this Shrek skin, and it’s perfect for yelling at trespassers to get out of your swamp. But perhaps you want a donkey companion to walk alongside you. If so, head over to the plains biome and tame one using the same method as taming Minecraft horses, instead using golden apples or golden carrots to get them to follow you.

Minecraft skins Batman


With his cute breezeblock of a head and stubby little ears, you would never believe that Batman could have such a tragic past. Help him avenge his parents by putting on this Minecraft Batman skin and constructing a better Gotham, free of dodgy little alleyways where muggers can hang out.

Minecraft skins Ash Ketchum

ash ketchum

Playing on a Pixelmon Minecraft server is just not right without wearing the correct Pokémon trainer attire, or Minecraft skins. The iconic baseball cap, waistcoat, and fingerless gloves in this Minecraft Pokemon skin will shout loud that you are a Pokemon pro; every Snorlax in the land will raise an eyelid.

Minecraft skins Bob the Builder

Bob the Builder

This skin may be lost on some of our younger readers, but suffice it to say that this ’90s cartoon builder was pretty great at fixing things. Obviously, you’ll have to rely on your Minecraft know-how to actually fix things in this world, but at least you’ll look the part with this Bob the Builder skin. Very appropriate for one of the best builder games on PC.

Minecraft skins Tracer


She’s fast, cool, and has a jarringly inauthentic London accent. This Tracer skin only covers one of those points, but with enough detail that you don’t need to bother putting on a voice or sprinting around – everyone will recognise you as one of the best Overwatch characters.

Minecraft skins Glados


The demented operating system grows legs with this GlaDOS skin. We are not sure if that makes her more or less terrifying, but we love it all the same.

Best Minecraft skins panda


The panda is furry, pampered, and loved by all. Grab this adorable Minecraft skin if you like the sound of that lifestyle. For extra roleplay points, go find a panda mob in a jungle, spend some time eating bamboo and tumbling off things in a way that makes the internet do a collective awwwwww.

Minecraft skins pug


These flat-faced dogs are so bad at life they cannot even breathe properly. Don this adorable Minecraft dog skin and the likelihood that your mishaps will go viral will increase massively… probably.

Minecraft skin Bright Girl


Finding good female skins for Minecraft is a bit of a nightmare. They all seem to have exactly the same faces and hairstyle, making individuality a challenge.

Bright Girl may share the same face as her clone sisters, but at least that bright blue hoodie and stripy leggings will certainly make you stand out from the crowd.

Minecraft skins Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish

Speaking of decent female skins, this Billie Eilish Minecraft skin takes inspiration from the much-memed and genuinely awesome music video for Bad Guy. It’s simple from a distance, but brilliantly detailed up close – take a look at the shading of her blue hair.

Minecraft skins rainbow hoodie


We do not care what grown-ups have to say, unicorns exist, OK! This unicorn Minecraft skin might just be a blonde-haired girl wearing a unicorn onesie, but our faith in magical horned horses remains unwavering.

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Minecraft skins Tetris


The classic shape-stacking game comes alive, quite literally, in this man-shaped approximation of Tetris. One of the best puzzle games of all time deserves one of the best Minecraft skins.

Minecraft skins Guy Threepwood

guybrush threepwood

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For those who want to become a mighty pirate, Guybrush from Monkey Island 2 is one of the best Minecraft skins when it comes to game recreations. The block-based graphics of Minecraft perfectly capture the look and feel of the classic LucasArts adventure game.

Minecraft skins Solid Snake

solid snake

Sneak into Minecraft with this Solid Snake skin. Perfect for infiltrating your friends’ builds for a little bit of friendly sabotage as the hero of one of the best stealth games on PC.

Minecraft skins Transplant


It is not often that Minecraft is gross, but if you insist on sticking something sickly into your game, try this Transplant Minecraft skin. It is a ‘person’ made from an eyeball grafted onto a heart, which jumps around on a severed thumb. Charming.

Minecraft skins Creeper


Neat fact: apparently Creepers feel dry and crisp like autumn leaves, not slimy like many imagine. This fact will not help you act more Creeper-ish when dressed up in this 90% accurate Minecraft Creeper skin (the legs are just impossible to do).

Don’t worry, the skin does not self destruct when you get close to other players, but you should probably not sneak up on them just in case they retaliate.

Player has a golem skin in Minecraft. He is standing next to a real golem and a bunch of cats.

Rainbow Golem

Speaking of Minecraft skins based on Minecraft mobs, the Rainbow Golem skin almost perfectly mimics the giant protectors of every village. However, this one is special as there are little cracks that form on the rock, exposing a subtle rainbow pattern. It’s a striking effect that we like a fair bit.

Minecraft skins Cthulhu


The Lovecraftian horror himself brought to life through the medium of Minecraft skins. The work on his tentacle beard is particularly impressive. You cannot deny they look horrifically slimy.

The sight of this subterranean skin lurking deep within the mines is bound to frighten your friends – who needs horror games? You’d probably also suit a Minecraft trident, if you can get your hands on one.

Minecraft skins Doge


Very textured. Many pixels. Such funny Minecraft skin. So Doge. Much polygons. Wow.

Minecraft skins Herobrine


The ghost of Notch’s dead brother, granted immortality in Minecraft’s code and now available as one of the top Minecraft skins.

Of course, the story is nothing more than creepy-pasta, but that won’t stop you pretending it’s real, will it?

Minecraft skins zombie taco

zombie taco

Finally, a skin that effectively answers one of life’s greatest questions: what would a human with taco shell skin and seasoned beef innards look like after a fatal zombie attack?

Minecraft skins over world

over world

This cool Minecraft skin is designed to help you blend into your environment. For those days when you are working above ground, consider this Over World skin the perfect camouflage.

Minecraft skins Space Paladin


Ever wanted that badass look that tells everyone you won’t take any messing from evil aliens? Then this Space Paladin suit of power armour is exactly what you need. The Dead Space-inspired light up spine is a nice touch.

Minecraft skins Santa HD

santa hd

Santa is all well and good, but isn’t it time we upgraded? This new model of everyone’s favourite list-checking, toy-dispensing home invader comes in HD – that’s less festivity, more grit. Set up shop in a snowy biome and have yourself a very Minecraft Christmas.

There you go, cool Minecraft skins you can slap onto your blocky self. Obviously you’re not going to beat us in a ‘who wore it better’ competition in the Star Wars category but you can give yourself an extra chance and make your game look much better with Minecraft shaders and Minecraft texture packs.

If you find yourself needing to cover up your fabulous skin with armour, it might as well be the best in the game – here’s how to get netherite in Minecraft. Also, if you’re looking for more from Mojang’s masterwork in terms of gameplay, these Minecraft servers are a great place to start. That’s in from us though, we’ve got some new blocky skins to try on.

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