How To Build A Medieval House In Minecraft Brick House Tutorial )

In this guide, I show you one way in which you can build a house in Minecraft. There are of course many other ways and you don”t have to strictly stick to this design. Follow the tutorial and when you get to the end, add your own flair.

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I have supplied you with a youtube video and required block list to help you out – enjoy.


To start this house please create a foundation as seen in the first picture.

The foundation is made up of dark oak pillars – 4 high, separated by 3 stone brick blocks, except for the doorway, which is separated by 4 stone brick blocks. Use spruce planks as the floor.

Now place stripped birch logs – 2 high, on top of the stone bricks.

Connect the dark oak log pillars with horizontal dark oak log pillars.

Add a dark oak log overhang around the main structure – as pictured and finish off this step by adding dark oak logs protruding from the structure as shown.

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Step 2: Building the Second Floor


Add dark oak log supports for the first floor as shown in the first picture.

Creature 4 high dark oak pillars in stops shown in the second picture.

Use spruce slabs as flooring.

Use stripped birch logs to fill the walls.

Connect the new dark oak pillars with horizontal dark oak beams. Make sure to create the second-floor doorway shown in the picture.

Extend the pillars outwards by 1 block as shown

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Step 3: Complete the Basic Structure


Add floor dark oak floor beams to the second level of the main house and fill the space between with spruce slabs.

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Add spruce slab flooring just below the dark oak log blocks on the top. The floor should be 1 block lower than then top of the tower.

Add 3 high dark oak pillars on the tower and connected them as shown in the picture

Extend dark oak pillars out 2 blocks long as shown.

Add cross beams and fill the floor with spruce slabs as shown.

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Step 4: Make Tower Battlements


Line the gaps in the tower roof with stone brick stairs as shown

Fill any remaining gaps with stone brick labs

Make a 1 block high wall using stone bricks all around the top of the tower then add battlements as shown.

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Step 5: Building the Roof


Create a basic roof on the main building as shown. Make sure to use stone brick stairs to trim the roof.

Add dark oak pillars for roof supports as shown

Fill in the wall spaces below the roof with stripped birch logs.

Add stone brick blocks and stone brick slabs on the roof as decoration

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Step 6: Add Details to the Tower

Detail the tower as shown in the first picture

Add 4 campfires to the top of the tower – these should help you find your house is you ever get lost

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Step 7: Detailing the Main House

Use the picture provided to add details to the main house. Repeat these details all around the house.

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Step 8: Doors and Stairs

Add spruce doors to the build and details them as shown in the picture

Make a staircase using spruce stairs

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Step 9: Making the Farm Area

Use the picture provided to detail the farm area.

The house should really start to look good now.

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Step 10: (Optional) Add Extra Roof Details

Create a chimney using stone brick, stone brick stairs, campfires, and spruce trap doors.

Add extra roof details to the main house as shown in the pictures. This step can be extra tricky so I suggest watching the attached video for more help.

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Step 11: Make Changes and Be Creative

Make any changes you like. Maybe use a different material for the roof. Maybe make the tower taller. Fill the house with a cool interior.

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Whatever changes you make, please share them with us in the comments section

Have fun building.

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