Minecraft BUT the Lava Rises Every 10s!

ladies and gentlemen this is minecraft
but every 10 seconds the lava rises to escape the world that is literally
drowning a lava we have 5 islands with 5 different challenges on each one the
lava is one block from the portal light what are you doing no no no and here we
go the game has started ladies and gentlemen I need you to do me the
biggest favor right now if you're watching this video please leave a like
down below we did this once but with water and it was insanely difficult but
so much fun at the same time to escape this world completely different
challenges on each of the islands I can't do this without you guys ok which
by the way I love you guys so much we need a lot of wood right because like
we've got to build all the way up to this massive structure or you know we
should do ok I'm such a dummy let's go ahead and make a crafting table I think
we've got enough wood what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna come down here oh my gosh
it's rising it it's rising as we speak I'm gonna mine some stone stone is so
helpful I also forgot to mention when you complete each islands challenge you
have a 50-50 chance of getting something that helps you or getting something that
can potentially set you back to the next island it's very rough and very
dangerous but also it's very fun at the same time ok so the lava is as you can
see we are currently we are one block away from the lava rising I'm gonna try
to get as much cobblestone as I can as quickly as possible if you know what I
forgot to do forgot to put this down we are going to be making a stone egg so we
could chop as much of that tree because one of the big problems not only do have
to complete each of the challenges on the islands that are above us but we
also have to make sure that we keep enough building materials to get to the
other islands it's very stressful like this is probably one of the most
difficult challenges I have ever done in all of Minecraft for the next challenge
instead of lava I'm thinking it should be like a liquid portal and if you touch
it you literally start taking damage or die or get teleported to a world where
you do not want to get teleported to I feel like we've got enough wood I just
don't know if there's other trees on the islands I'm taking advantage of this
opportunity and getting as many building materials as possible if you're by
situation you would be doing the same thing don't lie ok listen we've gotta
have plenty now how much do we make with this oh yeah we've definitely had enough
we've almost got a hundred and fifty blocks which should easily bring us up
to our first island Oh dude I'm so nervous oh the last time we
did this the water was so difficult so difficult and it was so scary after this
video you guys definitely should go watch that one of the most fun videos I
have ever filmed in my entire life and I loved it oh we're getting close okay we
don't want to build anymore NAT way we just want to go directly up oh the
further we get away from the lava the better I start it's just so scary seeing
that much lava so close to us I don't like it oh we should grab some of these
blocks I know magma blocks damage you but
they're very very quick to mine which means we can use them to build up very
very quickly I'm gonna try to scoop up as many as possible okay what is the
challenge of this island there's a lot of trees which is a really good sign I'm
seeing three items on frames TMT we got a fishing rod and a pick axe Oh No first
island challenge Oh what is this your first challenge is a scavenger hunt
you'll be crafting the three items shown on the wall you can find all the items
you need on this island good luck what's okay wait we the lava is only 40
blocks away and I need to craft all of this well I am not ready hold on we need
a sword oh this is dangerous okay sword acquired I am so not prepared
for this spawn spiders I need you to spawn we don't know spider says Oh
creepers what wait wait a second what just happened what just happened okay we
got all other our spiders its creepers and spiders okay come on I need string
no I got a spider I it I got no string no creeper no creeper stop it stop it
this is bad this is so bad the only good thing about this is that we're getting
building blocks from the creepers because they're exploding their island
which is probably not the smartest thing that they should do come on I need you
guys to spawn why do you guys take so long get me string don't kill the spider
oh my gosh the lag yes we got string okay but we need more gunpowder we need
5 gunpowder to make TNT and we have to go and find sand after this there we go
creepers creepers whoa oh good let's go let's go
and with that fight okay I'm gonna grab all the extra blocks we're gonna use
these and build with them later wait do we have enough string for the fishing
rod yes we got I've string that is plenty I'm gonna
make more sticks for the fishing rod okay so it's a pickaxe TMT and fishing
rod now where do we find sand that's what I want to know where is the sand
hidden on this island whoever made this challenge is driving me nuts wait if
there's diamond that means we need to get an iron pickaxe I just realized that
no we need iron we're gonna dig down that's the only thing I can think of at
the top my head did straight down ladies and gentlemen please tell me there is
iron down here oh my gosh who did you guys just see that I almost just mined
straight down okay well I'm not finding any sand down here
wait there's orange sandstone but that is not sand
I don't know this means we're getting close or if we're getting further like
what does this mean what is this okay wait we could have
just gotten string from these cobwebs are you kidding me but no sand oh this
is ridiculous brah there's a floating block of sand all the way over here how
did I not notice this until now oh I know why cuz I was mining down below in
the caves where you can't see sand that's why okay we don't need a lot of
sand just a little bit just just enough to get by
oh boy it's really laggy oh that's not good okay so we are lagging hardcore I
think we only need five sand it says one TNT I'm only gonna grab five sand I'm
not gonna grab it anymore now we don't know we literally don't have the time to
waste okay look at the lava it's almost at
this new island that we just reached ladies and gentlemen for a limited time
only any of the hoodies that you see myself wearing when you purchase them
you will be getting a free matching jumbo gaming mouse head it's gonna run
out fast don't wait we've got eight cobblestone
that's exactly what we need where is the iron this Oh finally we found some iron
thank you thank you iron yes I am forever in your debt okay we just need
one more piece got it let's go we gotta do we gotta make moves like we gotta
make huge boobs ladies and gentlemen furnace come on
boom Shakalaka okay boom boom no no no no you stay away from my furnace do not
blow up my furnace no monsters this is bad this is so bad oh my gosh now I have
to get more coal you gotta be kidding me I literally had to make a furnace on top
of a tree because I was worried that the creepers blow would blow it up again so
now we've got our iron smelting in the meantime we need to put down our
crafting table we need to make a fishing rod and I always forget how to make
these I think it's like this right is it like no it's not is it why do I always
forget how to make a fishing rod why I can't believe I gotta be a pleb and go
over here to make a fishing rod see that's why I always forget it it's just
made in a weird fashion okay I'm not guilty
fishing rod is created now we need TNT TNT has been created okay please put yes
okay we're good to go let's scoop these back up
come on iron pickaxe iron pick let's go dude we are going to be doing this with
like barely enough time to escape this is really bad I think I oh my gosh
creepers no no no no no I'm about to die I'm literally about to die right now
stop stop you're bullying me you were bullying me come on read the diamonds
diamonds leave me alone I'm trying to make this big it stop it stop it right
now in the name of Jesus go read the Bible
yeah evens all right I'm gonna grab more diamonds than necessary because why not
hashtag three diamonds okay here we go wait is there any crafting table inside
are you kidding me I am just gonna use this oh my gosh the lavas here the lavas
literally here holy moly okay we are we are not playing
around we are not playing around literally not playing around right now
oh my gosh this is terrifying this is terrifying this is terrifying
I am literally making this Oh oh my gosh we did it with barely any time to spare
holy guacamole I'm so glad we got those extra blocks from the creepers blowing
stuff up oh man let's get out of here so okay this is even closer than the last
time I did this I think we gotta go to this island next I'm not sure now it's
time for the 50-50 chance either we get a giant reward or a giant setback come
on reward reward work hard oh no I think we got a setback setback your max health
is now eight hearts no no dude and we have to make it all the way to this
island what finally we made it the second
island oh my gosh it's taking its so long to get here okay what is the second
island challenge second diamond challenge is something with parkour
thank the Lord apparently the parkour blocks are going
to disappear so it's not going to be easy I'm not a big fan of this but we do
not have time all right the lava is literally about to touch us oh my gosh
this way is this possible I need your help if we're gonna beat this map I need
you to take the device you're watching on right now turn it like this and make
sure you guys make the subscribe button from red to grey okay that means I need
you to subscribe if you don't we're gonna drown in lava and die and nobody
wants that okay time to Yolo boys time to hit that Yolo okay this is ridiculous
you gotta admit the chances of me doing this are like slim to none here we go
come on come on oh my gosh we did it literally impossible come on please
please okay okay I never want to do that again for the rest of my life not
shulker boxes okay we made the first one come on oh my god bow down ladies and
gentlemen the parkour king is here I will be so mad if this doesn't give me a
reward please give me a reward we can't get to punishments in a row yes wait
what do we just get we got a reward we got a diamond I already have a
diamond pick this was the most useless reward we could have ever gotten we
gotta go to the next island there's literally no good blocks all we have is
in stone what am I supposed to do with this the next Island is all the way over
there and all we've got is in stone do me a favor if you believe in me go check
out Preston Stiles calm we have insane new merchandise just for you guys from
the smile fire hoodie to the frozen fire t-shirts pie that we literally have so
many products and accessories it is absolutely crazy and if I don't make it
as this lava and I manage to die the last thing I want you to do
go check out the merchandise okay link is down below in the description I don't
even know if we have enough blocks to make this if I could speed bridge then
we could do this but I do not have the capabilities to speed bridging without
the chance of falling do you guys see this I'm so close to accidentally
killing myself come on I never want to build a bridge
this long again in Minecraft for pretty much as long as I live I just said long
there many many many many many many times do I'm running in a building
blocks well we might have to resort to using more magma blocks holy moly
okay we barely managed to make it we are definitely going to have to get a ton
more building blocks before we can make it to this epic rainbow island over
there what is the challenge the third island challenge is explosive make it
across the minefield in order to progress oh dude come on oh okay this is
basically parkour but with ice we can do this we can totally do this oh my
goodness gracious wait this is so long what this is so not fair bruh I'm gonna
lose it I am so going to lose it if somehow I don't make it out of laughs
you gotta tell my mom tell Brianna I love him okay oh my gosh
oh yes please yes yes yes oh okay okay wait we're not even close are we
we're like barely there I'm just now realizing this that we're not even that
close oh oh no was i sorely mistaken and this is why you're supposed to live
a humble life full of humility like it says in the Bible because then you won't
get into these problems where you are overconfident like I am currently
experiencing with this crazy insane minefield a hoe dude what are some of
these only by the grace of God ladies and gentlemen they call me pastor
Preston in these moments thank you we did it who please dude if you reward
reward reward please from Warren no no no no what was that what I got a setback
it took my diamond pickaxe away from me it turned bull
of them into a wooden pickaxe no this is awful there's got to be some hidden
chests on the island tell me there's a hidden chest please tell me there's
items in this oh thank the Lord two stacks of oak logs we are back in
this challenge just barely there are still two other islands we haven't even
accomplished yet look at this dude this is so far I don't I mean this is a lot
of blocks but this is also a Island that might as well be 7,000 years away from
us let the speed bridging commence it's so sad seeing the island all the way
over there just getting like swallowed up by the lava and that's kind of weird
for me to say because I am made out of lava I may look at my minecraft
character anyways what is this island all about so fourth challenge says you
may want to put on your mittens for this fourth challenge use the snowballs
provided you will need to hit all 20 targets hahaha thankfully there is
infinite snowballs in this chest I don't know how that works
oh my gosh we have to hit the button oh my gosh this is so this is done
prepare to be spammed to death button ah okay Bailey hit it some of these buttons
are so far away that I might have to build in order to hit them do you
realize how hard it is to hit all 17 of these with the lag that the lava is
creating for us the lava is 20 blocks away yet there are still four of these
bumblebees okay you got to be kidding me you got to be kidding me come on there
we go two more where are the last two come on come on come on yes one more
where's this last one we do not have time to dilly-dally look at this sneaky
last be bro hiding over here I'm gonna other one shot this come on one shot
come on let go if I get a punishment I will die please yes okay we got a reward
but what does it mean more oak planks thanks two stacks you know it could have
given me maybe my diamond pickaxe back now it just gave me more wood that's
what every man wants when there's lava about that I swallow them up we are now
at the fifth island which means if we could just complete this island we can
make it to the end I will literally cry if we tote somehow
make it to the end what is in here the fifth island challenge your final
challenge is a doozy there are five hidden leavers on this island we need to
find all of them easy I am a master at defined a button look at this I already
see one on top of the sword this is not gonna stop me guys
you know I've played way too much find the button to have some hidden levers
and lemurs aren't even sneaky like buttons are sneaky levers not so much
okay there's only four more left we've still got 27 blocks in between us
and the lava but the unfortunate thing is the portal is really far away and
it's not super far up so we need to find these levers as fast as possible I've
already found three there are only two remaining ones got to be inside of these
trees come on I will be so disappointed I knew it I wouldn't I just say if I was
the last lever I would be like on top of this house oh no I just disappointed
myself it's not here oh it's inside the little house that was so easy the fifth
and final island of course would be the easiest I thought it would be the most
difficult by far come on chance reward here we go
set back what arts what okay well I don't plan on falling any time soon so
as long as we don't fall building to the island we should be okay without a debt
look at our last bridge it's just like encased in lava this is crazy if I speed
bridge here and I die it's all over and then we spent the last hour of recording
for literally nothing come on I feel like I've been building for like
20 years yes yes the portal island oh do not miss that jump Preston take your
time we've got everything we've got tons of time tell me there is a flint and
steel if there's not a flint steel in here I am going to lose it
congratulations you've outran the lava now let's hope you made a flint and
steel to escape oK we've one heart I almost died to fall damage we have to go
back to our island to get Flint's bruh and then I've got to melt down the iron
as well oh my gosh this is a race against the clock I've only got a wooden
pick this is all I have ten blocks lava I repeat is ten blocks away there is
grass on the island we need a blintz give me a
piece of Flint okay two pieces of Flint now we need to find iron I need I do die
I've literally no time we need iron and we need stone okay here we go
stone come on stone oh my gosh the lava is literally about to touch our feet
okay we've got enough for a furnace we have enough for a crafting table we need
iron there has to be iron actually no I got to get more stone because we need a
stone pick otherwise we can't mind the iron if there is not iron down here it's
over there I will literally flip my entire table over with all my computer
parts on it if there is not iron down here let's go there was no iron oh my
god stop stop stop please please I need iron where is the I know there's one
piece of iron somewhere on this island come on wait oh my god wait hold on hold
on hold on okay we can get this we can totally get this careful careful we need
a place to block underneath it yes yes yes no no way okay we cannot build with
the cobblestone if we build with cobblestone oh my gosh our escape route
dude the portal the portal no no no our bridge our bridge come on no I refuse to
die here five refuse I basically have no time to talk but here's what we gonna do
putting a furnace down furnace goes in iron ore goes in this goes in then we
build like crazy okay I'm talking about like we build like absolute crazy Mad
Men this is the craziest thing I think I've
ever done in my entire life and I never want to do it ever again flint and steel
acquired go Preston go go go go go go go go we're gonna make the jump oh my gosh
come on breaths Ted the lava is one block from the portal light why won't
you light what are you doing portal you need to ignite what are you doing
yes go go go go go who please please please please please literally this was
the closest you could have possibly ever come to dying to the lava ladies and
gentlemen that we made it out alive it's time
where I remind you guys do not forget to comment within the first 60 minutes of a
video going live your comments will be featured right here of the you all mag

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