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With Minecraft's 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Update arriving this summer, the developers have been releasing more and more snapshots for players to test the new gameplay added into the game.

These released snapshots contain multiple aspects of the upcoming update, from new items and blocks to newly generated structures and biomes. So far, there have been five snapshots released over multiple Minecraft platforms — each with different additions for players to search through and try out.

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Although there have only been five snapshots released, it is unknown how many more will be made available to the public before the release of Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs. However, the snapshots provided have already given players a massive insight into how game-changing this update will be. It has left players extremely excited, and they can't wait for the update's release this summer.

Which Minecraft 1.17 snapshots have been released?

As of mid-January 2021, five snapshots have been made available for public testing: 20w45a, 20w46a, 20w48a, 20w49a, and 20w51a. Each update has unique features, as listed below.

#1 – 20w45a

Image via OMGcraft, youtube

Snapshot 20w45a brought Minecraft players the first insight into what update 1.17 will look like, with quite a chunk of the foreseeable blocks and game developments released with this snapshot.

It gave players the amethyst geode generation and their corresponding blocks such as amethyst, budding amethyst, amethyst clusters, calcite, and tuff.

In addition to amethyst, the copper variants were added to this snapshot. Copper ore, ingots, and blocks came in with this update. Also, to make an entry with this snapshot were waxed copper, cut copper, copper stairs and slabs, and even the different oxidized variants of the copper block into the game.

The spyglass, lightning rod, candles, and bundles were also included in this release, making this the biggest snapshot release for this upcoming update.

#2 – 20w46a

Image via Wattles, youtube

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Along with fixing some necessary Minecraft game codes, snapshot 20w46a brought players powdered snow!

Powdered snow is a new block that players can use in many ways, and it can be both found in Minecraft worlds and collected.

The central aspect of Minecraft's new powdered snow item is that players, mobs, and all other entities fall through it instead of walking on top of it. To trod above this type of snow, players must be wearing leather boots, as any other kind of boots or even bare feet will fall through the block.

Entities that remain in powdered snow for too long will get a frostbitten effect added to their heart count, which slowly damages the player.

However, this block is useful as players can use it to cover their secret bases, create traps, and even take it into the Nether to stop themselves from burning to death via blaze, as it extinguishes players without melting in the underworld.

#3 – 20w48a

Image via OMGcraft, youtube

This small snapshot added Dripstone into Minecraft.

Snapshot 20w48a brought the new dripstone items into the game, and they can be found around different caves in the overworld.

These dripstone stalagmites and stalactites can cause damage to players or mobs that touch them or fall on them, meaning that they would be brilliant for farm development. These blocks can also fall from their position suspended above Minecraft caves and damage players or mobs underneath them.

They also can transport liquids, which is a fascinating game mechanic. Dripstone placed below an unflowing liquid like lava or water will slowly drip that liquid, and it can even fill a cauldron if placed below the drip.

#4 – 20w49a

Image via Minecraft Wiki

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The amazing snapshot 20w49a added both the new skulk sensor block and the biome that correlates with the previous update's dripstone block.

Although this update doesn't have too much additional content, by the looks of things, it is huge.

The new skulk sensors are a wireless form of Redstone for players to learn about and play around with. Gamers can guide this energy source with wool blocks, and it gets set off by a myriad of items and actions in the game.

This snapshot also provided players with the ability to change the world's height limit, which is a fabulous new addition that will provide Minecraft players with so much more to work with in the future.

#5 – 20w51a

Image via Wattles, youtube

This final snapshot added the cutest new mob to Minecraft — the axolotl. This adorable new mob has a fascinating game code, as it attacks some aquatic mobs at will and can be tamed by players through tropical fish and collecting them with a bucket.

There are five different breeds of axolotl, one of them being incredibly rare.

These new mobs will drastically improve water gameplay and provide players with a lot more of an advantage when performing underwater battles, whether with other players or at sea temples.

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