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The next Minecraft update, named Caves and Cliffs, is bringing new mobs to the game.

Minecraft's Caves and Cliffs update is not only changing cave generation and cliff formation, but also adding many new mobs. This update is set to release in the summer of 2021. Fans were not expecting such a massive update right after the nether update. This new update is going to be the biggest one Minecraft has ever seen.

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The world height level is changing, caves are getting deeper, mountains are getting bigger and fans are getting new mobs. Mojang has already confirmed many new mobs for Minecraft 1.17 update. Here is a list of all confirmed mobs coming with the Cliffs and Caves update.

List of all confirmed mobs for Minecraft 1.17 Update


Image via Minecraft Wiki

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Axolotls are passive aquatic mobs based on a critically endangered salamander species with the same name. Mojang is trying to raise awareness about the critically endangered species by adding these cute mobs to Minecraft.

Axolotls are available in different colors: leucistic, yellow, brown, purple, pink, and blue. These mobs are passive towards players, but hostile towards most aquatic mobs in Minecraft, including drowned and guardians (if tempted).

Glow Squid

Image via Minecraft Wiki

Glow Squid was voted for by the Minecraft community and won the Minecraft Live 2020 Mob vote. Glow Squids are similar to a usual squid, but it glows in the dark. Sadly, they do not emit any light. Instead of ink sacs, glow squids drop glow ink sacs upon dying. Using glow ink sacs, players can make text on signs glow in dark and craft glow item frames.


Image via Minecraft Wiki

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Minecraft players cannot imagine a mountain update without goats. Fans have been asking for goats for a long time. Mojang finally decided to add these mobs into the game. Players can find goats in mountain biomes. Be careful when going close to a goat. These mobs love attacking other mobs and players. Players can get goat horns and mutton from goats.


Image via Minecraft Wiki

Warden is the most terrifying mob in the game. It is one of the strongest mobs in Minecraft. Warden made its first appearance in the Minecon Live event. In the live stream, the warden reduced the hitpoints of a netherite armour player to seven health points in one hit.

The Warden has no eyes. It locates entities through vibration and attacks anything that moves. Players have been asking for a new boss, as the wither and ender dragon are now dull and old. Warden provides a brand new challenge to players.

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