minecraft caves and cliffs update release date 2020 subaru crosstrek

Caves and Cliffs is the most-anticipated update in the history of Minecraft. This update is quite big compared to the nether update last year, which added new nether biomes, blocks, and blocks to the hellish fiery dimension.

Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Update focuses on the overworld rather than the nether and end dimension. It changes the overworld terrain generation by increasing the world height limit and adds new caves and mountain biomes.

Reading: minecraft caves and cliffs update release date 2020 subaru crosstrek

Ever since the Caves and Cliffs update announcement at Minecon 2020, fans have been wondering when the update will be released.

This article covers everything players need to know about the release of the 1.17 update.

Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs Update: Expected release date, features, and more

Expected release date

A few weeks ago, Mojang announced the split of Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update into two parts. Both parts will arrive at different dates this year. However, the first release of the Caves and Cliffs update will follow the original schedule.

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The first release of the Caves and Cliffs update will be released in the middle of 2021. Fans can expect to download the 1.17 version by the end of summer. Recent snapshots are already focusing on fixing bugs and polishing things up, hinting that the update is coming.


The first release of Caves and Cliffs focuses on adding new blocks, mobs, and items to the game. Unfortunately, new biomes and world generation changes are not part of the first release.

Here are some of the main features of the first release of Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update:


Copper is a new in 1.17 update. (Image via Minecraft)

Copper is a new mineral coming in this update. It generates in veins below ground like other ores and is common at height level 47-48. Using copper, players can craft copper blocks, lightning rods, spy glasses, and more.


Deepslate is a new variety of stone found in the deep layers of ground. It generates below/near height level 0. Deepslate blocks have a longer mining time than stone and cannot be mined instantly.

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Deepslate replaces stone blocks generating below height level 0. Like stone, deepslate has different variants, such as cobbled, chiseled, polished, and more.

New mobs

Goat launching a cow off the cliff (Image via Mojang)

The 1.17 update will add three new mobs to Minecraft: axolotls, glow squids, and goats. Players can find axolotls and glow squids spawning in the waterlogged caves, whereas goats will spawn naturally in the mountain biomes.

The warden is scheduled for the second Minecraft update arriving at the end of this year. Players will be able to play with these new mobs in mid-2021.

Other than this, there are many other new features, blocks, and items coming as well. Interested readers can read the complete list of features coming in the update here.

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