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The Warden is one of the most fearsome mobs that will be added to Minecraft in the upcoming 1.18 Caves & Cliffs part two update.

This mob will be quite rare to find in the game. However, players who know what to look for shouldn't have too many issues encountering it.

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Minecraft players searching for the Warden might regret it, as it is slated to be the most dangerous mob ever added to the game.

How to encounter the Warden in the Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs part two update

Warden Spawn Location

A Warden and his buddy (Image via Reddit)

As stated above, the Warden is set to be one of the rarest mobs in Minecraft.

According to Mojang, the Warden will only spawn in the deep dark biome. This biome has been confirmed to be located at the lowest points in the Overworld, right above the bedrock layer.

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In an official Mojang stream, the deep dark biome is seen being filled with black fog as the Warden approaches. This feature has not been confirmed. However, it would certainly make the Warden encounter even more terrifying.

Additional Warden Facts

Mojang developers have stated that the Warden is not meant to be fought (Image via CajamaPat on Reddit)

Before attacking the Warden, Minecraft players should be aware of what they are messing with.

The Warden is set to be the strongest mob in Minecraft. This is due to its massive health count and insane damage-dealing capabilities. The mob can apparently deal enough damage to kill a player decked out in full Netherite armor after only two hits.

If that is not enough to scare the player, the Warden seems to get faster as it is attacked.

Mojang developers have stated that the Warden is not meant to be fought. This is due to the fact that it does not drop any items at the moment.

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The Warden is also the first blind mob to be added to Minecraft. It detects and pursues vibrations similar to the sculk sensor, which allows for some interesting mechanics.

Players who want to avoid the Warden are recommended to throw snowballs or other projectiles. This will make the mob go to where the objects land, buying the player some time to get away.

The YouTube video above showcases the official Mojang stream in which the developers revealed the Warden.

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