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Minecraft is a popular game that allows players to create their own worlds. One of the most important parts of this game is servers, which enable players to interact and build together or compete against each other in various gamemodes.

Minecraft servers can vary in size, features, and rules-based gameplay. One popular type of Minecraft Server often looked for by players is city servers. City servers typically allow players to build, explore and live within a large city landscape built and maintained by other players on the server.

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This list will showcase the best & most popular Minecraft City Servers for players to join right away and get stuck into playing.

Note: This list is based solely on the writer's opinion, and the views of others may differ substantially.

Most suitable City Servers for Minecraft

#5 Purple Prison – IP:

Purple Prison is a great place for players to

Purple Prison is a highly popular and all-round quality Minecraft server which allows players to build and maintain their own houses within a large city.

Upon joining Purple Prison, players can simply type “/plot auto” in order to claim their very own plot of land to build upon right away for free. Players can then type “/shop” in order to purchase necessary resources to build their dream home within the huge city with tens of thousands of other builds.

Players can visit homes owned by others within the city by typing “/plot home (name)”.

IP Address:

Average Playercount: 1200-1500

#4 BusinessCraft – IP:

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BusinessCraft is a revolutionary Minecraft server that is not based on survival, but business within a huge city. Here, players can work many jobs for a myriad of different companies within the city, or even to start their own business and employ others.

With cars, bikes, schools, hospitals and more, players will never run out of things to do on BusinessCraft. Players can even help run the city by going into politics or joining City Halls as an Alderperson to make sure the towns are up-to-date with all laws.

IP Address:

Average Playercount: 10-20

#3 GrandTheftMinecart – IP:

GrandTheftMinecart allows players to explore the city of Minesantos

Inspired by the massively popular Grand Theft Auto game series, GrandTheftMinecart allows players to embark within a life of fast money and crime.

Within the city of Minesantos, just like the real games – there is much to do on every corner. Players can start their own gang, purchase apartments, join the police force, and much more.

IP Address:

Average Playercount: 150-200

#2 Mc-Cities IP:

Mc-cities features one of the best & biggest city roleplay servers in Minecraft

Mccities is a roleplay city server in which players can live, work, and play. Upon joining, players can buy a pre-made house or build it themselves from scratch with the help of other players. Neighborhoods are alive with bustling shops, friendly residents, and coordinated events that everyone gets to take part in.

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Players can fulfill their every need on Mc-cities by earning hard cash from diligent careers like doctoring or policing. If this sounds a bit dull, daring professions such as working for the FBI or starting a criminal street gang are also possible and highly lucrative!

IP Address:

Average Playercount: 10-20

#1 DemocracyCraft – IP:

The final server on this list is DemocracyCraft. DemocraftCraft is currently one of the most popular dedicated Minecraft City roleplay servers, with over 100 individual players all roleplaying together within the vast city at peak hours.

Players can navigate the massive urban landscape of the DemocracyCraft city quickly through driveable cars, helicopters, skateboards, and much more. There is also a fully elected democratic government of players running the DemocracyCraft city, making and adjusting rules in favor of the players who vote for them!

IP Address:

Average Playercount: 60-90

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