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Welcome to ClashCraft, the very first Minecraft server that allows you to take up the mantle of 15 unique Clash Royale troops and fight as them on a 2:1 scale battlefield!

How to Play

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The objective of the game is simple: destroy the enemy team's King Tower by mining away its center blocks. However, the only way to get to the King Tower is through the Arena Towers, which enemy players can perch on and attack you from.

To start playing, simply run onto a team selection deck in the Lobby, and jump on the central Telepad to enter the active game. Since the playerbase is currently small, there can only be one game running at a time, to shorten time spent trying to find opponents.

Once you enter the game, you spawn in the Troop Selection Room. Here, you can pick between a wide range of troops to play as. Simply step on your chosen troop's telepad, and the game will do the rest, giving you your troop's items and teleporting you to your team's King Tower.

When you teleport to the King Tower, you won't be able to move or attack for a short amount of time. This is your troop's Deploy Time, and it varies between troops. Once this is over, you can jump into the fray!

From the King Tower, you can either go towards the Left Arena Tower, or the Right Arena Tower. Each Arena Tower has a telepad that teleports players on top of it, but they only work for their own team. You can either stay on top of your tower and guard it, or jump down and attack the enemy. Careful, however, as you can't get back on the tower if you jump off.


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If you die, you'll be able to instantly respawn back in the Troop Selection Room. Similar to games like Overwatch, you can pick a new troop on every death, but you can still respawn as your previous troop if you want.


There are currently 15 diverse and unique troops to play as. Every one of them can be used from the first time you pick up the game, though certain troops are best used with experience. No matter how you like to approach combat in Minecraft, there's a troop for you.

Every troop has been designed with a specific role in mind. Playstyles suitable for said troops stem from how they are meant to be used in the field.

All combat is in 1.10, with standard cooldown time on swords. Items are distributed based on your troop, with there being no basic inventory.

We have done our best to balance every troop, and to make sure each one has strong and weak matchups. If you think a troop may be overpowered or underpowered, try a different playstyle, or use it against a different troop. You may be surprised at how different troops interact. If you've tried to counter it, to no avail, post about it in this thread. We'll take a look at the troop in question, and possibly change it if we don't like what we see.

While the current roster is quite large, it is only set to grow. More troops are in the works, utilizing new mechanics and filling new roles. Stay tuned for more.


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The Battlefield

The playing field for all matches is a 2:1 scale replica of the Royal Arena from Clash Royale. We have taken the time to edit and create custom textures for many blocks in order to get a closer match to the source material. All textures are in 32x (Excluding wooden planks, which have been upgraded to 64x), which has allowed for a greater amount of block detail. Other textures have been edited and ported from a large collection of other packs over the course of months, making the pack the best it can be.


All towers are created to match their Clash Royale counterparts, and are augmented with Reinforced Tower Blocks to last longer. Players can choose to stand on top of the towers to guard them, like how Princesses stand watch in the original game.

So, what are you waiting for?

Join us in glorious combat!

Our IP address is:

Map by Some_Potato and Unexpected_Error

Make sure you have server resource packs enabled, or the server won't look right!

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